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Particularly significant tax because those protesting a civil servants they work for the government a government that they have come out and defined by protesting against an open letter was sent out on thursday by the head of the civil service here in hong kong telling civil servants teachers doctors other professionals who work for the government not to come out to protest because to do so would be to put the idea of impartiality geology over civil service at risk but they've been defied. We're expecting tens of thousands. We think there was well over a hundred thousand people here right in the heart of hong kong hawk talk right beneath one of the main bank buildings here in the center of the city and people just spilled right out of that pop into the streets all around they were hundred good steve. Now these protests of course in june we had further protests throughout this july and here we are now on the second of august and the process show no sign of dying down until we've got you on saturday to on sunday and then cools for general strike on monday. Now this protest was completely tasteful festive atmosphere in fact people had cars driving past blaring out of the music of les miserables the <hes> the musical the revolution song from that. It's become something of an anthem. This movement people seem to be doing now. There's gonna fit of rain in the last half hour or so we just perhaps down things a little but certainly no sign of bodies in the last week that the more days with protests protests and the bean days without and it looks as though that will continue throughout the month of august as a go ahead dow the thing that happened was beijing beijing sent out a bunch of they've got their own propaganda arm which is with the hong congress. They watched and they said well the one thing is this is just a bunch of radicals rioting and there's day yet ed like our civil servants. The people working for the dare not gonna do anything because they know better and so they went immediately went on strike they those people and so the the government is completely beside itself and because every time they try to do anything he just gets worse they will refuse to get rid of this woman who's running things <hes> and they end these rights are not stopping until they pull this this <hes> this bill and now they're they get into a head of steam to as explains the second part of the clip to maybe let's. We don't like the direction they're the chinese are dealing here are doing because in fact when the it which is the first described as loss clip would discussed is that when england turned over hong kong in ninety seven there was an agreement and that they were that beijing was supposed to be hands off until twenty forty seven specifically fifty years what does hands off mean that means. They can't be running hong kong okay so it's got to be. That's where the two two systems one blah blah blah bullcrap comes from. Can i add some context from boots on the ground producer. No name hong kong will get worse each week worse than before it will get worse until annihilation the china reading verbatim. The china government wants to escalate young men without property ownership have no hope at current income levels. It is impossible to buy a house young women with no money. Johnny won't date men with no property in the women can easily get a middle aged sugar daddy in fact multiple sugar daddies most government workers come from law abiding hardworking families but now are priced out of buying a home and even renting rents go up a good twenty percent per year violences coming ming late september into october massacres and civil war have a nice day no named john. I i'm not gonna disagree that that is obviously also fueled by the gossip scene there <hes> be that as it may. This isn't getting better and chinese. Highness aren't doing a very good job of dealing with but the problem they still have is this night twenty forty seven issue right and so if they violate the terms of the agreement that britain inset down to turn over hong kong by suspected. There's a possibility that hong kong can either turn into a singapore city state or the british ishbel have to come in there and do something about the deal that they got screwed on. Look like that's that's van. The british navy go save <music> hong kong fear lump of coal to get the navy going so let's play part two. Is this a problem them for carrie lam and the problem for beijing as much as i guess to ask you the question a different way. Andrew does this chime with the atmosphere. The feeling that that makes exp people do on the streets in protest even though those earlier demonstrations kicked off the hook for those was a different issue completely. That's right well. This'll began with these controversial official proposals to introduce extradition laws hair lounge able to extradite to the mainland china and the government is essentially put those hasn't completely scrapped them as the protesters want but it's affects nearly done the same thing but these protests are no longer about that. This is now. It's the general movement calling for more democracy in hong kong according to the less oversight from beijing but of course that's the last thing that beijing wants to give people here. They do not want to be saint-pierre backing down than anything and when it comes to one of the big issues which the resignation of the chief executive carrie lam bullet they were too. I am talking about beijing here. They were allowed her to step down. It would look like a big victory here for the protesters in hong kong and the concern in beijing is that that potentially could spread it'd be owned hong kong to other parts of china and that is the big big elephants in the room here rabbit to be pulled out of the anything here in hong kong to happen that could spread elsewhere now. They've tried to dissuade people from protesting there was that video that was released on thursday by the garrison of the people's liberation army of china <hes> and that was showing the army dealing with hypothetical riots the essential message dad's protesters who is if you come out and protest the big numbers we could if we wanted to send in the military what would happen if we did. That was a warning. It certainly hasn't worked tonight. They're expecting us to say tens of thousands. We think there was well over one hundred thousand people who took paul in this one of these protests dying down anytime soon andrew thank you very much. Here's a question is this a result <music> of our current economic policy. I e tariffs and trade wars or is it. A is part of it. What is not discussed. Here is are there. Provocateurs are there people on the ground helping these protesters to stand up against the evil chinese government. We'll noodle ms not. They're not that we know of <hes>. There's no evidence of this and it hasn't been brought up in the conversation by any any of the outlets that you'd think would bring it up. It's mostly being suppressed. I personally think that there's gotta be some. I would think because because wherever says you have to remember that the c. i. A. network in china was wiped out killed killed killed a couple years ago during the obama administration the station of by bennie some some bad actor in the c._i._a. Is a chinese everybody filled so they killed. All these guys in this could be some sort of payback for that <hes>. I don't know i mean there's the problem that we have is that nobody is covering this. Why do i have have to go to al jazeera well. I can answer that story. That's this huge who owns everything. You're not getting out of hollywood good to chinese own hollywood. They own the theatre mock rec- now doesn't have the story at you. Don't know how deep this chinese stuff goes man. There is chinese money all over the place <hes> joe biden the likely nominee for democratic candidate is entrenched wrenched in chinese finances with his son hunter and the billion dollar hedge fund shameful. This is an example of failure of the mainstream media. We're gonna have a a general strike in hong kong tomorrow. This is not a minor couple of dip shits. I mean they'll cover like forty. People protesting a trump visit a hold is this forty people are here and they're all so what else why do you hate trump and uncover all that crap and we got close to a million people day after day. This is the same thing with the yellow vest. Protests dave stopped covering it yes and now and what good are they if they can't cover this stuff and now in france you have the black kelman's. Have you heard of this movement. Oh yeah of course not why would how could i possibly have heard of the black helmets are immigrants who are pissed off that they have no opportunity unity and they're dying now. They're rioting and there rioting properly. You didn't see any of that. You barely get it on your own news. The serious this very now we have mainly african emigrants flipping out about not getting enough money any not being taken care of no jobs no opportunity of course they were promised all this and now they're rioting these are major worldwide events.

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