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Been told not to travel to Washington. But not everyone stayed home. Akeem Bronson lives in Miami. He and his girlfriend book their tickets early to be here expecting they'd be able to see something from the National Mall. But everything is closed. You can't get within blocks of the White House National Mall or the capital. We saw the signs of here saying avoid coming to D. C. But we were like we're coming. You were coming anyway on so now he and his girlfriend, her left walking around the nearly empty city that's mostly closed down and boarded up looking for something to do. That's NBC's Alex Stone. Meanwhile, the Senate's back in session as it gets ready for the president's A second impeachment trial. This all happening a day before Biden becomes America's next president, coming up on 10 32 buildings throughout South Florida and the nation will be glowing in an amber colored light is part of what the Presidential inaugural committee is calling a national covet 19 memorial. Nearly 400,000 people who have died of the virus in America will be put in the spotlight, according to South Florida Congresswoman Frederica Wilson. I think that it gives some solace to the families of the victims because so many instances they were not able to give them a proper burial. Late Last year, she organized covered 19 mock cemeteries in Miami, North Miami. We're family and friends. Are able to write the names of the victims on headstones. Positive trading continues on Wall Street. How is up 111 points at 30,926. NASDAQ is up 97, the S and P just went up by nearly 20 points. More news at 11 more Brian Mud on the way I'm Natalie Rodriguez News RADIO 6 10 W Y O D Fairfax County Public schools is hiring classroom monitors. These individuals will assist students in the classroom. Whenever a staff member continues to work. Virtually monitors will earn $15.42.

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