Poynter Institute, President Trump, Hillary Clinton discussed on Slate's Trumpcast - The Last Newspaper War (Pt. 1)


Relationship with them i do a early very early morning media newsletter that goes out as a free email by the poynter institute and goes out or roughly around 800 am eastern time and i know about a year year year and a half ago out of the blue vanity fair called and asked if they could cohost the newsletter so i add that took about one and a half second has to say yeah um and uh what would that basically means is that after i have a move that newsletter and after i've waking up uh the kids wake up the kids and goo breakfast and get him to on the school bus i'd end the circle back home and revise it slightly put it into the vanity fair system so that's five times a week i'm you know spit of unknown quantity i had dental long piece for them last summer when everybody assumed that uh hillary clinton win on um former journalist turned author and um fulltime clinton supporter sydney blumenthal that was a long long peace so they had asked about my doing other stuff i know i've got a day job five guide kids sand at one point i i just sent basically a oneline note saying you know what about alas newspaper war and the response came in about five minutes it is a great piece i i ran off a litany of major moments in the intro just in the last few weeks i forgot to mention a couple wild once the printing in full in the washington post of transcripts of phone calls between the president.

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