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It's five o'clock. I'm Liz Warner. There's a measles scare at LAX LA county. Health officials are confirming one case of measles. It came from a traveller arriving from China Sumatra Radha Krishna is an infectious disease physician. She says this is extremely troubling. Because measles is preventable with vaccines worse than helpless because there's something you can do about it. And we're not doing enough exposure occurred on February twenty first at terminal b and delta terminal three anyone experiencing symptoms now. Or in the next two days are urged to contact public health officials James Rowe Haas KABC news, full house, and hallmark channel star. Laurie. Laughlin and Academy Award nominee. Felicity Huffman are among nearly three dozen parents in another twenty coaches and administrators caught up in what's being called the biggest college admissions bribery scandal in United States history. Law Flynn is charged with felony conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services mail fraud in connection to. An alleged scam and what she's accused of paying a half million dollars to fake athletic achievement. So her daughter would be accepted to the university of southern California's rowing crew since the scandal broke a past social media posts has come back to haunt her daughter Olivia. Jay, I do want the experience of like game days partying care about school warmer. We're desperate. Housewives star. Felicity Huffman is also charged with paying to cheat on her daughters SAT test, Jim Roope, Los Angeles. USC has just fired. We're told senior associate athletic director, Donna hinal and water polo coach yovany involvedg` after both reportedly received bribes the man accused of orchestrating the scam. Williams singer has now pled guilty. Prosecutors claim singer paid out twenty five million dollars in bribes to help his clients. Get their children admitted to top colleges. The parents have a third grade. Student are now suing L A USD, alleging their son was told by his teacher to urinate into a garbage bag in front of the class. Sonia mongolia. Says her son has been traumatized by the incident, which she says happened last November and talks about it. He's he's still doesn't know why he wonders why this happened in wanted teacher punished him for having an accident and why he was punished by two different teachers and one day the family's attorney Tony horror Mia says the school is not responding no-one beached out. I mean, this is all over the news people are talking about communities talking about it. And so I would expect that there would be a call. They know where to reach me, they know where to reach up his parents, Sonia Mongolian, Tony horror. Mea were guests on the morning drive..

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