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And we're about twenty twenty five minutes from from civilization in general and the tennis sub Elvis and civilization. So it's close enough. I've never been involved in tennis, Bob, I they're gonna travel sort of four five six months year depending on the year. But I now feel I would love to have. And I do have a place to go when I get home. Play tennis. Teach tennis spend three four hours on court. I love hitting balls. And I love teaching tennis with anyone. So this is the news chapter in my life. And hopefully, we can get some of sort of bedhead fans that we've gathered for the last nine years to come to Idaho. And and skiing winter play tennis in in the afternoon or coming size fish, we call it the Augusta fly fishing. That's where we are in Blaine county and and then face them tennis as well. So we're not really sure where we're going with it. But I'm really excited, but we do have some very interesting project still for land on wheels. That's that's good living. I v launder on heels. It was you. I used to see the van even at the US open when they would they would park it on the other side of the bridge there by the UNICEF. And I I always thought what a great message that sent that that spoke as well as anything to the universal appeal of tennis. You could. Absolutely. I please. Please don't tell anyone that. We also spend nights in it and flipping it because some nights he's finished late at the US open. I gotta get up early and do and do wheels cleaning over as Forestville. So where do we sleep sleep in the van in the parking lot, h but don't tell you as open 'cause I don't think they allow anymore. But you we get woken up by people hitting kicking soccer balls into the wall into the side. Yeah. Exactly. Yeah. Right. Right. Right. Yeah. I posted a photo once in the parking lot your van was actually one of the goals for it looked like everyone was wearing an El Salvadorian soccer league. And your van was one of the goals. I love you know, that ever minds me of one of my one of my favorite stories about you that a friend saw you in Melbourne airport, and everyone is flying home from the Australian Open in your sitting there on a chair, and he goes up to you. And he says how come how come you're not down in the lounge. How come you're not in the Qantas lounge with? Rest of the beautiful people in and you say, I don't wanna be with the beautiful people that story always stuck with me. And I'm curious as I think about that. And if you tell me about sleeping in a motor home during the US open, where do you think he got that sensibility where Where'd you? We're values come from. I think the values comes from obviously how your race with your parents and having two older brothers and grew up in tiny tiny town in Sweden with note. Much to do except sports grew up playing tennis with with most of the people there were older than me. So the you're always sort of coached or talk to buy them, and how to be eight and and still don't wanna lose to them. But so I think that I was I don't know. I'm lucky in that way. But it's also, you know, I guess when you've been traveling as much as we all have I think that there's a little bit of a wild person in there. And and I'm looking for adventure at all times of being tennis court in the semifinals of grand slams. That's a great adventure. But that ended and so yeah, I am tennis. It's you know, it's my passion. It doesn't turn me into beautiful person. At all, I love I love the sport..

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