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A different world living single fresh prints and list, maybe more right after it you I'm gonna count to a millennial right now, y'all can't this respected the goddamn Cosby show this revisionist history. The now the, you know, Bill Cosby's convicted that the show wasn't good clear. Hustles greatest mother ever on television by a country mile by there's like, no woman that came close to Claire huxtable as a mother. The huxtable thing all you guys want. But there's no clear us though. I get from it. I can't think of a better mother like off of red. It's not even close late. When Denise tries to buy the car or win Vanessa gets caught liar, like Vanessa always got caught up his shifts like Claire was the truth. The episodes like there are people that argue that Bill Cosby didn't like the Cosby show wasn't black enough because they were fluid in African Americans kind of understand that argument 'cause a lot of people don't think unrealistic think that's unrealistic. However, the fact that they were in the studio with Stevie Wonder that they went to a black art auction that they I mean, they were tapped. There was so many remnants of African American culture in the Cosby show that you almost forget like how rich they were rich. They lived in Brooklyn York, you were talking about being relatable, right? And it just if you wanna put it didn't relate to much fresh print fresh prints at that same light. Affluent like, okay. But they had will that was so relatable will that the hood. Let's go with the deal. Does not even compare like wills player. We'll head bringing his friends from the hood in the crib. Like, no, no. It's not even close not relatable feels that relatable. As the kid or Denise was a relatable as the kid who was thought to be the fuck up like the Cosby show had all the remnants of black of any family. They just happen to be black. Now the first prince was enjoyable because I mean, come on man, it was like anybody really had a Carlton in their house. But I did like people enjoyed the show. But the Cosby show more man, the Cosby show, set the precedent for what family on television should look like especially with Mellon like that. That family was amazing. And there's so many episodes like were undeniable like you show me an episode anywhere with a rip all the furniture out the house and try to teach THEO the value of the dollar and getting a job. There's this hardly any episode that. Says that or the Gordon Gartrell episode man come on? It's not binge the huxtables and the Cosby show if you watch in you got ta you watch friends gluco season for sees. I'll try. Go out. It is good Janice rambling pops up. There's fun as moments like every episode. Something's funny in everything ties in to something that happened in the past. I give it a shot. But now, we gotta move on dissection active friends the audacity. Outside of that, man. There's nothing really else and Twitter on fire outside of combat sports, Rome. Combat sports took over Twitter this past week, which is a mazing unloving happens and emerges. Our to John was kind of perfectly to other thing. I did see those. Of course, the ratchets are all talking about Cardi B leaving offset today. This like the biggest thing we didn't see this coming offset got tight because he was like y'all one. I don't know y'all is probably regarding smash on the side. But the funniest part of all this that came across my time line that was like I kinda got to talk about this came from officially ice earlier today. If people don't know that you'd never been on Twitter vice been on Twitter forever. Still don't know what his job is. He's like Tommy for Mark. The foot action thing can't be real. So does something. But anyway, he has these tweets a tweet of his that blew up which is actually being agreed upon by many women, which is fucking insane. Is that and I quote, she no you cheat in the problem comes when everyone else knows you. But you don't hear me though, and everyone is agreed with this. And I did the quickest like Homer Simpson gift where he just floats into the edges. I did that topic. I was like yawn that talked about this on Twitter about talking about this on podcast 'cause we're all friends here Dray might be onto something. No, he's absolutely right. I mean, this is you shouldn't cheat in general..

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