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Latest in a string of restaurants to wrap it up here in two thousand and nineteen this is a list of some of the places that have decided to close their doors in two thousand nineteen char blue steak and seafood the broken English taco pub Shula's steak house hard rock cafe nope palomino and Scotty's brew house what do you make of all these places wrapping it up in two thousand nineteen well the broken English taco pubs being punished for taking over for the tilted kilt suppose they probably got with income into all to me it's always Julia we always knew Julius to me much like it's always going to be deer creek always give me the Hoosier dome that's Jillian's you know we were talking about this before hand and a lot of these places while they were nice they were maybe a little over priced maybe the food wasn't up to the standard of what you're being charged a lot of these you can look at him and and see and the good news is restaurants seem to be going in these places hammer these these real buildings don't seem to stay vacant for along with the sure steak house I think they've already turned that into another restaurant over there at the Westin the hard rock cafe I think that's still vacant studies brewhouse the whole Scotty's franchise is going away in the going to be interesting to see what comes of that because how does the guy make out like a bandit three or four years ago and it almost at all the restaurants are closing down it is very odd because the Scotty's franchises were huge college campuses broad ripple downtown north side Brownsburg seem like they were doing really well Scott wise was a popular guy sold the franchise which certainly you can do you always want to sell when you're high blood wow.

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