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Whereas most homes rifts focus on the genius part of his tortured drug addled genus zero kind of focuses on the tortured part of his torture straddle genius and so they made this movie. I loved it. It made it made its budget back but it was like two and a half million dollar movie they were never gonna. It was never going to be a huge hit. Ironically the the writer director. Jake casten has since gone on to do the new jumanji movies which are huge hits anthem but so they made a tv pilot based on zero effect. The idea was that cbs. I think at one point wanted to have it as a tv. Show and alan. Cumming got cast as the main characteristic zero and so during during my interview. With allen. For the one of the things that i that i did was i included. Zero effect in a list would like x. Men and some other stuff the franchises he was doing at the time and so I for the first time ever in his life. Native accent I actually heard oncoming say. The words zero effect and. I'm just letting something funny about this to me. Yeah so the other thing that i found very interesting is in a lotta ways. The sub plot of the film is how bader n- entertainment tvs film music drives consumerism. Yeah answers yes and there is in. You shocked me when you told this. There is product placement throughout the movie. I'm yeah it'll product payment. It's the word would be pervasive like when there's two characters talking and in the back on the wall is a reeboks or something it is just and use each of the three girls. Their hotel room was fiend to a different brand. Yes so like when you were in jozies room it was. I think Some cosmetic company and i'm blanking the moment Clear clinic maybe. But then like in In vows rumors are dawson's room. Everything was target scene where she's having a very emotional moment and she's very sad and the like pillow essentially that she's talking to her chest isn't a pillow. It's the target dog. Yeah and you said none of that was paid for. No none of that was paid for which it actually was..

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