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He is number sixty when it comes to overall prospects and then cade cavalli number forty. What twenty twenty first round pick. Who looks like a steelers. He slipped down the boards. They're a little bit so washington with the trades. They made go from number thirty up to number twenty and then asked to make you feel a little bit better as nationals fan. Knowing that you've got some nice nice prospects in return for these deals and number. Nineteen you got the new york yankees up there they're down from eighteen in the preseason ranking. They would have been a few spots higher if they didn't part with ten legitimate prospects for gallo rizzo haney and homes at the trade deadline but anthony volpe shortstop revolt the number fifteen overall prospect. He's rocketed up the board here and number twenty year. Twenty twenty one jason dominguez number seventeen overall. He's been very good. Oswald peraza a shortstop at number sixty four overall so those guys strong international flavor when it comes to this system but those guys have been fantastic. Summers in jumping up the prospect boards have kept new york where they are so they move on from ten prospects and only fall from eighteen to nineteen goes to show the depth that they have in new york and the job. Well done for the yankees. The last one will do here for same number three is number eighteen. The chicago cubs up from twenty two now again major influx of talent since the end of last season. They traded for a lot of people here at the deadline. They brought in. Pete crowe armstrong. Oh in cassie alexander canario reginald prosciutto caleb killian international signings of christian hernandez drafting jordan wicks and shortstop. James triandos. all of these guys now in the top thirty has the cubs moving up this list. A little bit now. They only have brennan davis and braila marquee in the top one hundred but again the depth the quantity of their prospects maybe not the quality at first chicago but the quantity and their top thirty is very good and move them from twenty two to eighteen so i think he wanted to see more if you were chicago but ultimately still trending in the right direction. Now these guys can perform all will be well for the cubs so that'll do it for segment number.

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