Don Junior, Hillary Clinton, Russia discussed on The Larry Elder Show


Now up on leirio dot com we're gonna put put up several pieces one is called forget don junior's email is hillary clinton who colluded with russia we'll go over this later on this another piece from a publication called gateway pundit got picture of this woman with whom the trump team met headlines if russian lawyer is pictured with obama ambassador to russia eight days after trump jr meeting as the woman who was in the meeting in now she sitting behind the obama embassador rush at a hearing about adoption now why would she have arranged this meeting with donald trump junior and then a few days later sitting behind the obama ambassador to russia now was talking to a friend of mine from the old soviet union about all of this and he is a former journalist uh two degrees engineering i was in the military and i said what's going on now i can't give you his last name but he has agreed to come on in studio and speak with us so this is a unnamed source and i'm telling you he is an unnamed source so don't take this to the bag this is a personal friend of mine have known for a number of years and i just want to you to give people your perspective directly because if i come through me is not going to be as as as effective what's going on here uh uh mr aa what's going on here mystery gave thank you thank you try that one thank you larry i have to tell you then every person growing up in eastern bloc countries and they learn from very early age how to not be detected by either kgb old informants they kgb has and one of these things is that they never put anything anywhere in direct words now what i was when i read this emails i thought to myself writing in the email this is specifically from the russian government to help you daddy would never come out of somebody who is connected to russian government because y'all know that putin these former kgb officer by the way he never was a spy master he never had rank and kgb he only was the in the position because he was next to yeltsin president yeltsin however however the person who wrote to ease some guy nova unknown like british public relation loan musical whoever who did achna swamp goldstone yes somebody who knows hero this is skis words now.

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