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Well little wobbly there it sounds like it hope good the yankees hamels we go hamels film or sleep well it's not a good connection here with the the two dixie cups and the string please give us a try back you know i'm not gonna just say bad line i tried to call us back and maybe it'll be a little bit better the bottom line is that at the moment decision number one is who is going to be a sent down if anyone well somebody's gonna be new jonathan holder my is my guest to go from the pan maybe the triple a because other than that it's a tyler austin at keep boston around he's got eight homers the twentythree rbi's and the opi over eight hundred and he's made a very positive difference for the new york yankees have we know kane lee is back in the bullpen and bird is going to be activated before the saturday game so the body mhm line is somebody's gotta go either the bullpen now at eight with kane lee back in that bullpen but you gotta drop somebody so it's either going to be a guy from the bullpen my guess jonathan holder even no he's had a good may and he's done.

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