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Including this one especially in the slalom and so i'm always on here trying to sabotage it we are here to talk about american episode at nine from season nine it's daytona beach and we start the episode off with a never give up montage yeah this was like a motivational speech it was like a never give up ever unless they lock you in a room and throw away the key did you feel a call to action from this did you fail inspired yes so i just watched this and as i said of quite tired at the moment so like all of my emotional reactions to this episode magnified by towel wow so lots of crying i actually i didn't actually tried this one but i was just like i was at the verge of tears through many moment always ones stories that i can't believe he didn't cry like proof here made of stone has certainly came close but i don't know maybe videos too tired to cry and and us so anyway let's let's talk about this course it tone of beach we have of course the the qualifying course that had the floating steps the rolling pin a wing nuts that was created by the maker we had broken bridge the deadly rolling thunder and the cap that off with the warped wall then we get into the second half of the course for the finals start off as always with the salmon ladder and then going into the giant hugh loves the name of this helps to call yeah me to really well they've tariffs there's two giant cubes and they're hanging in the air.

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