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To georgia and the night before the vote. The most crucial vote. We've had in the congress attacking the state of georgia for being corrupt. You think that this is the best of the glenn beck program and don't forget raid ups on youtube. I know you are under a tremendous amount of pressure in your own life. Maybe perhaps you have lost your job. You have you've lost your business. I know last night at midnight. My wife and i were talking about the kids in school and now difficult this is i know the pressure you're under and I don't want to add more to it. I want to let you know what's going on. And i wanna make a promise to you You are not alone in feeling that. And i have been saying for a very long time. They are gonna come after anyone an opinion that they disagree with. Ted koppel himself told me you know there should be a panel of people like me that grant you a license really. I've told you the minute. The donald trump was gone. They were gonna turn those canons. That have been so effective on smearing and doing everything they can to destroy. donald trump. All on us. And i mean people in the media. Well it has begun. It is here will let me give you before. I tell you about the phone call. That came in now. Let me tell you about the phone call came in i. A couple of days ago. I started seeing tweets From the left about our blaze. Tv corresponded elijah shaffer Guess the they didn't like the fact that he was reporting on the capital riots Even though he was against the capital riots he was Saying things that pissed his followers and his audience off Like nobody's business because he knows his job is to tell the truth on what's going on. The truth doesn't matter to the left. The daily beast. Which is i mean. The beast really is the appropriate name for these people. They they wrote a smear piece one might even say to flammable. Mary one might say that. My might say that attorneys might say that but they wrote a piece about elijah schaefer. Here's the headline daily. Beast glenn beck employees boasts of breaching nancy pelosi's office alongside revolutionaries and quote.

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