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News podcasts dot com America is listening to fox news the investigation underway in St Louis into the death of David Dorn a retired police chief who was shot to death during violent protests last week well he's trying to protect his friend store from being looted and his killing was streamed live on social media state Attorney General Eric Schmidt says his death was senseless Josh will follow it sat here please captain Dorn served on the St Louis Metropolitan Police force for thirty seven years also was the police chief in a suburban municipality in universally loved him interview he serve his community with honor and distinction a suspect has been arrested Steven cannon is charged with first degree murder robbery and other offenses an Idaho man who is married to a woman whose two children have been missing for months charged with hiding human remains after the bodies were found at his home Joshua valor was seven years old this past September and was last seen playing that month outside of his home in Rexburg Idaho seventeen year old Kylie Ryan was last seen with family at Yellowstone days earlier also in September their mother Lori lied about where they work to police in Rexburg and was later caught in Hawaii with her new husband Chad day bill Dave L. married fellow after his previous wife died in the fall and both found he were under investigation in her death follows already been charged with child abandonment now Dave al's been arrested after human remains were found on his property this week Wednesday at Rexburg police confirmed two bodies were found and autopsy results are pending Jessica Rosenthal fox news the children's relatives say the bodies recovered aren't those of the children the founder and CEO of the chain crossfit escaping down after tweet about the death of George flight sparked a backlash on social media Greg Glassman said on the company's website he had apologized for the offensive tweets more than a thousand gyms across he's with prostate and Reebok has ended I'm Lisa Sarah this is.

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