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Your soul continues. And that's why medium ship can still take his. Because it still a telepathic process. You know still mind to mind communication except that one of the parties. No one has a physical body. And you know. I mean and that's basically the same principle as you know we theorizes involved in telepathy and and all these other things you know that we talk about. So yeah. I mean i. You would hope that. At some point science will be able to discover exactly how this is able to take place. I don't know whether they ever will you know. Sometimes i think that we may just have to accept the a massive amount of anecdotal evidence. And you know become personal explorers and and and reach that knowing stage on our own You know i don't. I don't know the science will actually ever be able to provide the answers that we seek. But i'm hopeful that they will now i feel that it's it's just a part of nature we just haven't found that yet but i feel there's a law scientists to won't even go round down the correct path to find it to close down. But would you say that you acquire skeptic as well. I mean Other things that come up that you hear about and you think now. That's that's just going too far now You know i. I always approach I like to think that i've that i've grown to the years. You know if you asked me to excuse me twenty years ago. I probably would have said that. I'm that close minded skeptic which is a horrible thing today it's healthy to be an open minded skeptic. I think everybody should be unique to question things. That's how you learn a discover But Today i think of it this way a lot of people like all familiar with surveys. They take the take place all across the globe and ask people if they believe in an afterlife and and the overwhelming majority Says yes..

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