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Of two thousand fifteen. The highs is known sale price for for any artwork. You know not necessarily an auction was three hundred million dollars for william de kooning's interchange modern art sold privately in september two thousand some fifteen by the david geffen foundation to hedge fund manager kennedy griffin distract landscape and if i didn't care when i say this if i didn't know its value and sought at a local art gallery i literally wouldn't put it in my house if they gave it to me for fucking free artists so subjective like i looked at my that to me is a a piece of shit. One man's throw that piece of shit in the trash and burnt is another man's three hundred million dollars painting. Gotta love art in addition to be known for his art. Davinci also known for conspiracies who buddy yeah weird after half millennium scholarship on leonardo is immense and continuing leonardo's life and work of long been the stuff is speculation wild theories untrammelled fantasy says martin kemp professor emeritus of art history at oxford in one of the world's foremost ardo scholars bombarded with things about leonardo on a regular basis that ranged from laughable too insane the bombardier's include neuroscientists dennis dennis opthamologist psychologist pathologist geo morphology or the data's artists photographers even art historians campus devised a taxonomy of disinformed or eccentric ideas about leonardo says it <hes> there are mystic theorists who believe that secret messages about the nature of the cosmos or concealed leonardo's work heresy see syrus who believed that leonardo was involved in some sort of religious cabal gio theorists who followed of themselves trying to identify the background landscape in the mona lisa and other paintings attribution theorists who wanna put leonardo's name on worked at his his drag theorists who believe that the mona lisa depicts either leonardo or one people's dresses woman sci-fi theorists pretty much exactly what you imagine the believe some kind of a billion space lizard some nudity luminosity member come down breath kemp calls dan brown <hes> author of the da vinci code the godfather of many of these theories <hes>. It's funny how one fitch author writing one fictional novel focusing ah vinci has played a part in you know mysteries that unraveling to other fictional mysteries written about other fictional written in other fictional dan brown novels millions forget forget about the fiction part of the job description and think they should have like like dan brownie. He has written a lot of books about a lot of weird things and he uses real names but it's fiction. Kemp says that brown is responsible. Oh for the idea that there are hidden codes messages mystic geometry's disguise words esoteric numbers in a variety of renaissance paintings. I wonder if the end brown was only fifty. Five right right now just laughs his ass off when taking a second to really reflect on how many wacko doodles he is fucking riled up people now out on the web passing along long his ideas that he pulled out of his ass as actual could not be more true wake-up <unk> conspiracies where does that. He made all of it up to write a novel now years later like i don't even know maybe millions of people like yeah. I mean you know that he was part of the priory of si- on knows nonsense oh man i wonder how many conspiracy nuts even understand what the word facial mates carmen see baumbach <hes> curator of the in the department of drawings and prints at the metropolitan museum of art..

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