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Health inspector that shows up to check the pigs. Yeah that's true. I and he's like checking he's like you need to do x y and z. Because they're going to get infections and The guy leaves and then leader comes back. Because you think something's up. Yeah that guys think something's fishy and so when he comes back vincent He is snooping around vincent's garden. Yeah quote unquote garden. He's like this secret hidden garden and he comes across this catch. It's catch pitch kids and there's a bunch of burlap sacks in the ground weird that is weird and they start moving one starts movie and he lifts it up and it's fucking the girl's boyfriend. Yeah and he's not did walmart head. Sticking out of this garden yen is like voice. Boxes been slid or something so he can't speaking just kind of zombie noises vincent pops up and knocks him out and then they bury him. Yep and this is where we also get the john ratzenberger girls okay so the girls get attacked but the cows i i think girls are a lot later. Oh are they. Oh sorry it has jumped way ahead yes. So then. there's this this a van full of Musicians band ivan. The terrible's and john ratzenberger the drummer. And they're they run over a bunch of bear traps. There's something pops their tires causing them to flip. And then vincent Gases all of them puts them in his truck drives him and i to drive them down to the garden and visit also bosses ida around to go. Get the bodies. Go dig the holes. Go do this go to and like. What do you do the as best-renowned anyway. They dig all these holes and they put all the bodies in there and they slid all their throats and he also chose ida his surprise for her. Which is the health inspector guy. Yeah he's all excited. We got them but apparently that's how they grow their meat. Quote unquote grow their meat. Like the treat them like veal almost right and he didn't says like oh. This one's not ready yet or this is going to be ready soon. It's like it to rises the meat rate so gross it is even stick funnels. Oh yeah it's like a snorkel. Yeah put that. And they've dumped liquid food in there and they're lot on my mom. Thank you okay. I don't care how long. I had been down there.

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