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Within just a few years of a budget cycle. You would be able to completely change the way that something's operating to be more popular and more efficient. Okay. In. So another issue that I have kind of with with viability or or this kind of market competition is. Systems or markets that are a little bit more landlocked. I would guess you would say or lack of a better word really such as like schools or hospitals, right? So like schools, it's really hard to essentially create a new school or create a new school system because it's it's kind of location based in it's hard to actually pull people from other places into the system. So in these kinds of markets where there's like no ability to pivot or change the producer of the good, right? There's only a certain amount of teachers in the area or there's only or the good that you're making his kind of speculative one in the sense that like what do people consider a successful successfully taught student? Do you see this being an issue in crowd funded government? Or is there a solution that you've already come up with while that might just be an issue that exists in society regardless of how you're funding? I mean, if you're describing impoverished area that doesn't have the capital resources necessary in order to fully develop students that. It's tough to that's up to deal with now in it's tough to deal with under a crowd funded system. Obviously, I as a proponent, crowdfunding, I would argue that people could deliver their dollars towards the specific parts of those programs that they think would make a bigger difference. In every case, I do not believe involuntarily from the top down telling people what to spend their money on is going to deliver a better result than allowing people to observe their school system and figure out where those dollars can go. But yeah, you bring up a good point. Some of the problems that exist crumbling government does not solve all problems. Crosby government just simply changes the way that we fund government and the ways that government can operate. But it's still up to the people up to the politicians to come up with good ideas and to share those ideas and to choose where to spend the money efficiently. There is no, this is no no magic potion that can deal with all of society's ills. Prominent government certainly isn't a great answer to all problems in. In fact, crowdfunding government is the worst SIS. Of funding a government besides all other ways of funding government ever try so by no means what I ever make a pump statement that mcgirt will solve all your problems. It's just gonna take the gun out of your face and replace it with with a -pedia articles in social media debates about what government is spending money on whether you want to be a part of that. So you bring up a good point. I can't solve all the world's problems. And some programs that are unsuccessful now will continue to be unsuccessful even in the future. Even if I got my dream of fully voluntarily government. Right. And that actually happy to hear you say that because a lot of times people try to seek this utopia answer and the really isn't one, there's always going to be, at least in my opinion, there's always going to be ebbing flow. You know an issue in an solution throughout time, but if I could jump onto your side for a minute, because while you're actually talking, I thought of of this answer that self and maybe you can elaborate more on it, but would people be able to. Crowd fund for governments. They're not a part of, right. Let's say there's a rich neighborhood and Chicago could they send some of their dollar bills through essentially philanthropy to a poor side of Chicago, four schooling, absolutely. That full of the reasons why I'm glad I live in Chicago because it gives a real. I opener to some of the north suburban school districts that have incredible public systems, gold plated, you know, mobile tile. They have these amazing systems, the greatest extracurricular after school programs, incredible amounts of funding due to a very high property tax base, and then you turn around and on the south and west sides of Chicago, or there's incredible poverty, impoverished families. Schools that don't even have the basic necessities and you have to wonder, why is it that we do the things the way that we do them as it stands and we do it because all of these laws are set up in a way that takes money from people in distributes that involuntarily, I almo big believe. Ver- in you giving to a government that you're not even a part of, that's the philanthropy argument. That's the charity argument that always bring up is that people are going to give to programs that they believe in and people are going to give to programs that are needed, not what government or politicians think you need what is wanted. What is actually needed is what's going to be the determinant. So I've always thought that's the answer to Chicago's Oprah problem is to allow everybody to give to the schools that need the most funding. I love every year or two. There's an outcry in Chicago in regards to impoverish skull, that's closing because the the Chicago public school system cannot support that school. It doesn't bring in enough students. It doesn't have enough revenue to handle it and they distribute those students to another neighborhood. Another school and people are in the streets, crying and screaming about how badly they want the school to stay open. Guess what guys you wanna open. Let's open the budget. Let's allow every to let their dollar speak, but the money talk. I'm tired of people. Wining and screaming and protesting about things that they should have control over. You should have the ability to fund a school district if you believe that that school has a lot of history, a lot of character, and it supports enough students, and the budget could be reasonably funded by the community by the county by the state, it should be given a chance. And I've even had people from other countries talk to me about crowd funding government because I found a lot of people. The one issue that's coming up right now and I can't believe how organic it is. The concept of voluntarily funding. The border wall is a huge one, and it's great topic because it's exactly what I'm talking about, which is people want to give money to programs that they care about, and it has the opposite side also making the argument for me, which is people are so upset that their tax dollars going to support a border while that they don't believe in and they should be. That's exactly how I feel. I can't stand it when my money goes to programs that I don't believe in. So take that to an international perspective because I've been talking to people on. Twitter, some of them from other countries who would love voluntarily give to the United States southern border wall human. They don't live in Mexico or the United States. They believe in the importance of the Boorda while program. And that's the key to me is that you should have the, we should have the right to receive money for any program from anybody anywhere that is allowing the free market of ideas dollars to spread. I don't see that as a bad thing at all. Obviously, there are some corruptible influences that again, are controllable by politicians in voting when you start allowing dollars from nefarious sources to be going to programs that are actually unpopular, but her somehow collecting money. But overall it's a great idea of allowing anybody to give to any government program that they believe in and any amount of that is going to be the key to solving problems in actually putting a lot of that squealing and protesting to to rest, which is quit Yellen about it and start pass it around the hat. Start looking at the budget for that school that's going to get close. Why is that budget so expensive water parts of that budget that might be less popular that we could remove and not fund, which will the parts of the budget that are very popular and necessary such as the tra- salaries and the school supplies. Let's focus on the parts of the budgets that are popular, allow people to voluntarily on them from wherever they are and

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