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Well. Today we're going to feature a pig in a couple of jack asses you and me sadly this week show is one jack short. So in steve. Stead give you a fantastic tale of a canadian war donkey. Sergeant bill billy goat. He's done a donkey. He's a goat that's true. That's true those animals are not related but that joke necessitated me not knowing that out. I didn't know a word of war donkey was a thing. i guess. That's what this brings us to the i. It turns out that goats and donkeys lake together are the next two animals that are most popular as mascots after dogs and cats like military brands. And things like that okay. Cool actually i. i read recently. Something about donkeys goats goats donkeys goats being like the next fully domesticated house animals. Dogs were like that's been theorized. I don't mind goats that much but they are less cuddly. they've got horns and hooves heightens if your wife got her hands on a pygmy goat. It would be living in sleeping in bed with you and you know it awesome awesome. I sure i'm glad we don't know anybody who has a of goats and jim through glad. I don't know the code to get into your house to leave all those bunches of go. So our story begins in august of nineteen fourteen. Which for those interested started on. Thursday for greg and a wednesday for julian saw charlie chaplin's debut film making a living and that kerfluffle europe was having was picking up steam. I love your many history lessons kind of one of my favorite thing. They're they're they're good. That's important stuff to know. Don't you know and that brings us to broadview a small town in saskatchewan with a goat. Was anyone living in canada. Nineteen fourteen other than this guy with a goat. Yeah there were. All dave was a weird weird. Oh yeah i know david. He's a good guy. I met him down morton. Timmy's he's a buddy friend. Hoya on august twenty third. The soldiers of the freshly formed. V western cavalry expeditionary force had stopped in broadview to pick up some recruits. Wow queuing for the train spotted a girl with a goat. her name was also dave evans. Also dave develop. It's a nice day and wanting it for good luck charm and also because it was nineteen fourteen and you could just take stuff from people. They took the goat from young deasy. Kerr wayne to make it their mascot. They just they said sewri a ton a ton but they still took her took her so sorry. So this is art goto. Yes sorry. Dave oh so. Sorry so sorry. Davis zarko sources all agree. That daisy agreed. Soldiers could have it but there's never any mention of payment or how a group of soldiers from nineteen fourteen demanding a little girl give or pet to the war effort might have influenced her willingness to part with billy. Frankly i find it all suspect. I'm pretty sure some dude stole. They stole it from a little girl. I'm pretty sure they very politely stole ago. Do you think during the war. They'd like they'd like have a really easy missionary. Like god that was like stealing from a little girl right and then with the advent of candy after yield got over being terrible pre stealing candy from babies it was stealing goats from girls So so private. Bill was now properly conscripted. He lived in trained with the fifth in canada and their base. In england they pay for bill to cross the pond. They flew across the pond. Yeah yeah okay which was apparently quite some doing because when we get to the other goat like the british weren't big fans of foreign goats. I didn't. I would have thought so one of those things you don't think about but apparently it was a big deal so the fifth would soon be deployed to the front and i guess no mascots were allowed in the trenches just as like a general rule to the goat is something. They're gonna aim for all around the goat operation. Mutton went well the sheep but whatever so as you can imagine. This didn't set well. With the boys. The fifth who like many other regiments and both world wars found a creative way to endanger the life of their dear animal. Caban gosh do. They put him in a trench coat. Dress them up like a like a general. Like talk to general billy that way he will die. There was some officer related headbutting. We'll get into so according to sergeant herald baldwin author of holding the line quote. We cannot part with billy. The boys argued that we could easily get another colonel but it was too far to the rocky mountains to get another goat. I love that all right. all right. you can't fault as lodge racks tracks. The difficulty was continuing the quote. The difficulty was solved by buying a huge creative oranges from a woman who was doing brisk trade with the boys. I assume that doesn't mean she's a whore but she might be an orange for. Two-horse consists of bricks brisk trade. She was throwing oranges or briskly trading and tundra a continuing. The oranges sold like hotcakes. And in a jiffy. The orange box was converted into a creighton billy with shanghaied into the crate and smuggled aboard the trade. God that poor go-to person was stolen from a bomb. A tiny little girl that it was forced to train in battle and then it was stuffed in a box and then they put it in a box on a train and sent it to world war. One this is a tragic story. Eric why are you bringing such tragedy. This is this is just to say this is not having a great day so there you go now. You're a goat and just like a certain young naive aristocrat from famous askari. You're lost in a world wind of action intriguing warm beer. At least there's beer. Which apparently the soldiers beer rations and paperwork were apparently his favorite foods. All right at least. He got his paper foods. Yeah right like that could have been a lot worse and bill. You know you would go on to have a distinguished career for a goat. Are i mean you know more seriously. Though at this to sound a goat mix. I believe will. Apparently the british called it wires. Bill was found in a shell crater standing over a wounded russian soldier despite having his own shrapnel wounds guard goat guards you. Wow i what how would you feel oppression soldier waking up to a goat standing over your body protecting you in a shell crater. Lucky to be waking up yeah. I don't know what i would do. I would worship goats. I would worship right. I felt like i was trying to take an. It's gotta be warmer under the goat than it is under fire as yes later in the second battle of apis oh private. Bill stood his ground with brave canadian soldiers. Now famous for not retreating from germany's first major deployment of poison gas and despite what should have been a goat ending toxic cloud. He was found the next day no worse for wear like went on tin helmet or something like that some around ten helmet using their their orders. Then yeah that's right off orders. Just he really must have got their goat. Sheep goat for his steadfast valor. He was promoted officially to the rank of sergeant and february of nineteen fifteen at nouveau chappel. So that's nice. it's a good one. I feel like a for a goat. That's a good

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