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I had the baby this year. I was gonna say carolina. That's that's my my sister jessica. My brother-in-law adams daughter caroline. She's nine months now. She's growing so fast. That the thing that i bought her. Lost the baby. Bankroll bonanza last year. You defeated me. And i bought her this minnie mouse situation for her plan. And when i was over the summer i was a little bit. She'd already outgrown. It can even sit in there anymore so we might have to weaken either by caroline. Something new or we could get something for arthur. They're both babies. I'm comfortable either way. Yeah so the winner receives the gift from the loser and my new puppy. Get the gift if i win again. And then obviously to buy gifts for another gift because their toddler. It's all the same right their babies. They're still babies. Carolina will be what fourteen months old sunday or thirteen and a half months. I think we can still call her baby. I wonder how long will will call her by her. How how many months old. She is going to be like She's thirty nine months old or will we stop it at some point. I hope we stop it at some point. Yeah that'd be interesting arthur. Almost five months old and a few days. The little guy be five months months. When you're talking about five mursal. Yeah very fair fair. All right bud. Well we're gonna ten grand bankroll and we have some options. Here are you. Why don't i give you the honors here to step up to the tee box. I'm gonna take. I'm gonna take the last plus six on cleveland left Cleveland left the south point or to south point. Kansas city minus six. I'll take cleveland plus six for eleven. Hundred thousand seems short money. Come in on the browns during this show as we were recording it. I already kind of liked that side. Because i think the browns just so loaded on both sides of the ball and like you mentioned. Kansas city really wasn't good at covering the point spread last year. So gimme cleveland. Plus six for eleven hundred win a thousand. And that's it for me this week. I don't know. I don't plan on having a lot of i got to figure out what i'm gonna do in survivor. Kinda get nervous about this. But i'll figure something out. I should ask you. What are you plans to. You asked me. I don't know man. I mean i i was thinking about the rams. He made some good points about he made some good points about the forty niners. I don't really want to cash in tonight but if you look at the bucks schedule that they've got a lot of tough games after this one It might not be the worst time to use them. Because i just looking at their schedule you may not want to use them again until week. Seventeen when they play the new york jets because they've got they've got a lot of tough games coming up. They're the giants at home in november. They had the falcon next week. Giants at home. You're right i. I don't think i'd want to use them against the falcons. Because i think next week. The next week there's like a slam dunk game. I think it's houston at cleveland if i remember that correctly. So you're probably gonna wanna use cleveland next week. I wouldn't use that game against the atlanta but monday november twenty seconds they host the giants and certainly they will be in play. That all right good stuff. I'm going to grab some meat. Eight and a half and a teaser. Their summating apps out there. Tonight i'm gonna use tampa in a teaser. Take it to the niners. Just classic square teaser. Play i don't care. I think that little of detroit and take san fran down to one and a half. I'll do that for a dime. And then i'm gonna go three k. On the rams. We're gonna play this one back. But i i'm laying seven and a half for now the sunday night game. I think i'm going to play some back in game and tried to go for middle right out of the gates marine create. A whole saying there's anything square about playing teasers through three and seven in the nfl and it's exactly why we have such juice on teasers here because there's nothing square about that you've got you've got a relatively low total in the san francisco game tie total in the tampa bay game but that numbers drifted up so getting that two and a half for the first leg teaser. That games closing nine and half ten everywhere. Pretty good values. Well so. I don't know there's anything about it at all. And you guys jacked up the juice. Not because you were losing all the teasers. Let's just put it that way back in the day when i was in we add some. We had some. Lean years on teasers. I don't wanna say losing. But not when he was much as we showed him. Okay so i like me some teasers. And i think those are the right teams to do it all right. My friend.

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