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I'm Bob Brown stories that we talking about on seventy seven WABC, Google employees worldwide walking out this morning to protest the company's treatment of women workers rallying in Chelsea near Google's offices on eighth avenue. National. Things that you can be. They say the company paid millions of dollars and exit packages to male executives were accused of harassment, but did not disclose what they did NYPD officers will undergo more training on having deal with sex assault victims, the city council passed a Bill requiring the department to create a special victims training program another Bill requiring all police recruits receive sensitivity training on working with sex Rasmus and assault victims new statistics show, the number of people prosecutor for pot possession is down Manhattan. DA Cy Vance announced in early August that he'd stopped going after low level marijuana possession cases, according to his office, a little less than one hundred seventy people more rained on marijuana charges in August through October. That's roughly a ninety percent drop from the same time last year. Going for the state to now legalize and regulate marijuana US Senator Kirsten gillibrand making healthcare a top priority. As she seeks reelection New York Democrat made a campaign stop at the Greenberg health center in White Plains. She says she'll continue fighting to reduce healthcare costs for low income and middle class New Yorkers gillibrand facing Republican challenger show Farley next week's election polls show, the incumbent with the large lead over her rival, President Trump in the final AP of campaign rallies going into the midterms. As also warning against allowing Central American migrants were part of a caravan headings of United States president looking to limit asylum claims despite sending in potentially thousands of troops President Trump figures a number of the migrants in the caravan if they decide to March up to the US, we'll get to request asylum. We're not releasing them into our country any longer they'll wait for long. Periods of time. We're putting up massive cities of tents. We have a lot of tents. We have a lot of every they'll get a hold them. Right. Right there. The president plans executive order to limit asylum claims as for the masses who might be heading north. He is warning against rock-throwing. We will consider that a firearm because there's not much difference where you get hit in the face with Iraq. Bob Costantini, Washington. There'll be law enforcement activity near the on train station. Monmouth county in the morning. Nj transit police departments office. Emergency management is conducting a training. Exercise officials in the local county state and federal level will be participating the three hour session beginning at nine AM. I owned is be Pittsburgh three two in overtime. Devils lose to the Red Wings for three traffic and weather up next. I'm Bob Brown on seventy seven WABC. New York comes to.

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