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Traffic and weather starts now. It's eight o'clock. I'm Jim Sharpe. You're listening on his morning news and coming up a terrible a truly terrible find at an Amazon distribution center in the west valley. We'll have that story coming up. But first we're now learning the suspect in the valley's first officer involved shooting up two thousand nineteen is being accused of helping ISIS. It's our top story. And here's Jamie west eighteen year old shot after allegedly attacking a sheriff's deputy. And fountain hills has now been charged with two counts of terrorism KTAR's. Jim cross is live with the details. All right. We'll check back with Jim cross in just a minute. Right now. Here's detour Dan in the valley Chevy dealers traffic center. Thank you, sir. Still working a crash in the east valley. But it's no longer blocking the HOV ramp. It's reopened westbound sixty HOV ramp to the westbound ten that has been our biggest problem in the valley for the last couple of hours. There's a big crash to the south of us though, on the I ten eastbound, you're the second area that looks like it may have finally been cleared, but it too has caused a pretty good sized backup from Casablanca road. All the way down to the rest area left lane is still reportedly restricted here. So stay right to get by westbound. I ten west of thirty Fifth Avenue wreck off left and we've got a crash on the eastbound one zero one at seventy Fifth Avenue that just cleared school bus involved crash reported out of the far west valley one hundred seventy Fifth Avenue and bell road. It's on the eastbound side, and you have a stay way left restriction in order to get by. You've also still got a thirty three minute ride southbound seventeen from Peoria to nineteenth avenue. Twenty two minutes on the fifty one bell road to the ten mini stack. Is it possible? We might start getting back to normal. We'll find out in six minutes. This traffic report brought.

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