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The decades and david limbaugh who you've come to know from this program the decades i mean there are both independently known anyway they're great writers and speakers and so forth so i thought let me have them both on together with me they're also to my best friends and let's discuss what's going on with trae couty with komi with all the rest of it so let me give you a little taste of what took place sunday i hope you're able to watch the show it's only once a week so only for an hour when you when you call out the commercials it's really only for forty minutes give or take this is from sunday yesterday cut fourteen go we hear media outlets and other say well first of all it's not a spy cycle of all the faces not a big deal and thirdly of course we needed to get to the bottom of this russia thing what's the big deal tray gouty said this is exactly what the american people would want from the rest how do you respond to that i think mark all of the the back and forth about whether it's a spy or informant is really beside the point when i was a prosecutor the informants work for us so when i spoke to the jury during a case i would call them the informants and then the the defense lawyers would get up and speak to the same jury about the same guys in called on the spies the stitches the thinks whatever their government controlled covert operatives who you send in to get information regardless of what you call them and the important thing always is why you sent them in about what you call what they're doing whether you want to be hyperbolic or or use euphemisms about it and i think with all due respect to to to congressman gowdy i don't think the american people would be happy with the idea that the norm we've had in this country i think from the beginning of this country but certainly in the modern era watergate that the incumbent administration does not use the awesome counterterrorism and law enforcement powers that it has to monitor the opposition party in a electoral campaign is a norm the american people would like to keep in place and county is simply wrong when he says that the object here was to monitor.

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