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And I think it's just because it's new and if the US tried something, and it's not a smashing success. People are just have a pasta of hating. It in the post by press conference Henry's Huda joked about how he won't get a second belt if he wins, and he's just gonna get a little ruby. Whatever fill was saying that is that true. He doesn't get a cycle on that. Is that is what I'm hearing. So it does feel like it's a very expensive built. But it's somewhat of a cost cutting measure in the sense that if you defend that title, multiple times, you're not going to get like DJ ten belts. Right. You're not going to get that you're going to get a ruby to put on your belts. I feel what are you going to do with a dozen belts? How many how many belts John Jones avenue south Harrison, Silva's got like a little rack of belts? You wouldn't want all those belts? If you on all those fights to extent. But at some point, we mom give your brother he's giving one to his is trash man is his milkman getting up at high. I just feel like look it clearly means something to the fighters. Right. They like having them on their on their mantles whatnot. The ruby thing is a little funky. But I don't think it's up. And you know, what I really like I like the flags, you know, that whole thing where it's like the first age. Yeah. I like that that's kind of cool and how about the second attic. Announced Conor McGregor says I'll come back for this. Yeah. I mean, the biggest name their biggest superstar gave it the vote of confidence. Clearly didn't work didn't have a lot of everyone hated on. It hating on it. Luke Rocco with the best comment of the mall saying that who designed that Reebok. I thought that that was a nice little singer. But yes, everyone just needs to calm down about the belts. Please. I mean, there's more important things out there. And let's talk about one of those more important things. Let's talk about Mr. Conor McGregor after the his fight against Alexander. Hernandez. Cowboys Veroni gets back on the Mike and says gimme a title shot or give me Conor McGregor. If he wants to Grammy. In those words, something like that like, I'm paraphrasing. But you get what I'm saying you interested on this..

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