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You're listening to the noise pop podcast. I'm Adrienne Spinelli coming to you from different. I do does in San Francisco, California. We're back with a good old fashioned noisemakers episode for April following our dispatches from south by southwest Austin, Texas, and our very own noise pop festival here in the bay if you wanna hear about who are stand at acts of those festivals where and listen to some of their music along with it definitely go back episode archives and check them out for now, we've got new tunes share this month with a lot of overseas talent in this mix including conversation with the delightful, Australian artists Donnelly in the middle of the episode caught up with her before San Francisco show and using from Stella in another handful of artists makeup this mix including the tenure hearing underneath right now. It's a track all the orange canyon of keyboardist Kiefer's latest EP on stones throw record called bridges. With that. Let's get into it. This is the noise podcast, April noisemakers episode. Let's get started with new music from Neil for Jagna. She's a British singer. And I just can't put down her. Most reason I'll them Miss Universe out. Now, an ATS records and don's been getting all the buzz including a pitchfork best new album tag. And all that reminds me of the tears album devotion. They came out last year, but newly I music feels much more pop immediate. It's this jazzy soul pack twist on rock and the album packs of Wapping seventeen tracks. But they're also forget an intriguing top to bottom, especially the one. We're about to play. This one's called paralyzed by Neil for Jagna. The phone. Greene's thinking. Only. Man. That was Neil Jagna with paralyzed. Local pick. This comes from a group. We've played a number of times in the show mainly because we fucking love him. Dow's atlas they just dropped their latest EP called the mystic on April nineteenth came out on tender loving empire. Records and singer. Sandra Lawson do did a really sweet you in a with my friend, Nina tob ios at the bay bridge talking about among other things the narrative this record. And how it's framed as a SCI fi fantasy of two first generation jeering American women accepting a mental health diagnosis, and we'll link that piece on her, blog and noise, pop dot com slash podcast..

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