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Of the trusted news anchors in Washington, on NBC four. She'll wrap it all up at the end of this month, but her final interview with a tennis phenom. Is on tap right now. This morning, The Rain talks about her career as she looks back and the loss that she dealt with during it. The personal losses have been pretty public, Jim Vance, and Wendy rieger. And that was very difficult getting through both of those. But I've just been having quite a time as I get ready to depart hearing from so many people so many kind words. It's really been kind of overwhelming. I'm trying to read all of the nice comments and emails and things. And I just really, really appreciate all of it. Some of the things that have meant the most to me are comments from people who appreciate some of the stories that we've done, particularly around mental health. And it's kind of strange to be leaving. I don't know what it's going to feel like when I wake up on Monday morning and I don't have to I don't have to get ready for work. I don't want to make you feel old, but I've been watching you and Jim since I was a kid. I had a lot of fun, you guys were always number one in my house. And this could be a tough question, but what are one or two highlights from all those years? I got to imagine Jim was involved with him, but maybe something else too. I'd have a hard time pinpointing one or two highlights. We just had a lot of fun together. I think that Vance and I both fully appreciated how lucky we were to be working together. We had we're very different people very different personalities, but it worked. And we made each other laugh and we had a great time working together. And then you throw in George Michael and bob Ryan and arch Campbell, those were some really, really fun times. So doreen, you're going out with this beautiful interview on Francis T off. Tell us about that. Well, anybody who was paying attention to professional tennis this year knows what an incredible year he's had and he's our hometown guy. We've covered him since he was a kid at the tennis center in college park, and the story is about how the team at med star health helped him overcome some injuries and get on the right track. He really put it all together this year and was in the semifinals at the U.S. open. The first American to do that in many years and it was just great fun for all of us to be able to watch him do so well. So we're going to talk with him and also talk with the physical therapist who has been his trainer for the past year and they both talk about what it took to get Francis TFO up to that superstar level that he accomplished this year. When is the final sign off and will you be crying? I'll be wearing waterproof mascara. It's on news

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