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Sports at 15 and 45 powered by maximus. Moving people and innovation forward. So a loss for the Nats, Frank handrahan. Yeah, tough night, just didn't have it. They're pitching staff Josiah gray who got to start. Was not as sharp as he has been in the last three outings. He allowed 6 earned runs, he allowed a Homer early and he did strike out 6. But he takes the L 6 to three kyber Ruiz with the two run Homer in the 6th inning to make things interesting. But the Nats again drop 6 three loss to the Marlins the Nats are now 29 at 50 on the season 14 and 28 at home they'll face off against those Marlins again tomorrow afternoon at four O 5 game two of a four game July 4th weekend series. NBA free agency. Let's start with some folks that we remember John wall. Former wizard gets a two year deal with the LA clippers, former wizard auto Porter gets a two year deal with Toronto, former Maryland and guard Kevin herder is traded from Atlanta to Sacramento. Utah Jazz made the biggest splash of the day. They sent senator Rudy Gobert to Minnesota T wolves giving up four first rounders in other veteran players in return for the defensive minded Rudy Gobert. Baltimore Ravens outside linebacker Jalen Ferguson dying from the combined effects of fentanyl and cocaine, according to medical examiners, PAC 12 presidents and chancellors meeting this morning, authorizing the conference to explore all expansion options, PAC 12s and disarray at UCLA and USC have decided to join the Big Ten in 2024. That will be interesting, but Maryland and UCLA and USC are playing each other in the big tent. Who would have thought that I would ever happen? Not me. That's again lose to Miami 6 or three on Frank hand ran to be TLP sports. Thank you, Frank, the top stories we're following for you tonight on WTO, the United States Postal Service as investigating 6 separate robberies of postal workers in our region within the last two days. In some cases, personal property was stolen and others postal service property was taken to let her carriers were salted during those thefts. One of the teens arrested after Thursday morning's beltway police chase was released from the Montgomery county jail by mistake. Jail says the 16 year old was being held on bond for attempted murder and robbery charges, but was released Thursday afternoon. The teen was taken back in a custody around one this morning in the district. And internal investigation has started. Well, holiday travel headaches for some of the tens of millions of people getting out of town flight delays

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