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Of the crazy spots he done more character work he was slowing things down but every single time he wrestles dragon lee from the second not even from the bell rings and if you look and that was the saddest thing of all about this if you look at the evolution of their matches it went from a friendly rivalry too murder death kill i will find you and bury you on site and i think it was around the seventh or eighth match where they didn't even wait for the bell anymore and they would diving out of the ring on the other you know whoever came in i was dabbling onto the second person and so it's kind of been this heightening and so now it they couldn't do anything but go fast festival faster and that was to their detriment and while cody and i see his point wants to call his own music it would have been great for a liker or another junior heavyweight or even a gaito to say hey you guys know you have to do out there but let's be east e and let let them know hey we respect what you're doing but we want you to be able to continue doing it not just this one time let's anything else on on the injury conversation before the biggest thing i would say is i was glad on the flipside especially in hunt insight that when you look at the cody kenny omega match that was the main event following they didn't the one thing i was very happy with kenny was that was a very violent match and they had a lot of moves where you it would take a lot physically for as a non wrestler out of them and so for kenny not to use kreutz wrath which is he gets them up in an electric chair physician and you think he's going to set up for one ring winged angel and in stead he pushes them up in the air catches them with his core strength that german suplexes them that's a lot of steps to take and if you tired in hurt and fallen off a ladder like for me that ladder match as much as we talk about her roma with the phoenix plex that the bump if you all take a chance look at the bump that cody took on that super plex i was just scared for that as geraldo cnn saying that doesn't look good in what about the cody bump scared you just the sheer straight down drop or the way that he took it i think for me and it goes back to we were talking earlier about martial arts when i did judo the first thing we learned in it's similar to pro wrestling you want to distribute the pains want to distribute the energy so when you go flat back that's happening you're distributing all of that connecticut energy as you fall kenny was a bullet do it because he was the soup lexi cody as a suplex landed right on history easiest back of his head back of his neck yeah yeah i saw him put out the tweet that he was going to be taken time off and obviously do an arrow and all this other stuff i was like yeah you need it yeah yeah okay good let's speak in cody omega because i was on my agenda for just a little bit of rapid fire to wrap up the new japan discussion here what did you think in what have you thought of cody's growth and and i'm trying to think of a term that doesn't overstate it but the metamorphosis from what he was doing and wwe to being kind of an alpha main event guy in the way he carries himself and has he found his stride as a character and as he reached that level that he needs in the new japan environment as a big match worker i think bruce mentioned this in the roundtable this is maybe one of his finest matches in his career.

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