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On, the fives from the JR weather center approaching. Front is going to bring that chance of showers and, thunderstorms backup as we head on through the next couple of days. I think our best chance. Of showers and thunderstorms between today and tomorrow we'll be late tomorrow clouds thickening today just a passing shower thunderstorm near eighty degrees tonight chance of showers and thunderstorms sixty six Tuesday late in, the day showers and. Thunderstorms become a little more. Likely seventy Seven from the Weather Channel I'm meteorologist Ray Stagich on news talk seven sixty WJR sixty, five degrees on, news talk seven sixty w j r and it, was a big weekend for Detroit and people take this very personally, Lynn Haning captured it nicely in today's Detroit News Dateline Cooperstown New York during his twenty year run as tiger shortstop Alan Trammell has was keen on playing smoothly and, efficiently minus flasher complications. Jack Morris took a different approach he spiced his pitching dynamics with emotions that sometimes generated as much heat as his fastball and, as much frustration as his. Pet split finger pitch Sunday at Cooperstown on a summer afternoon suited to porch swings into lemonade not to mention sunscreen each man turned his baseball hall of fame induction speech into a precise imitation of how he played big league baseball in Detroit And weren't we lucky to have both of them one of them Alan Trammell for all twenty years of his career Steve no question about it dub and it doesn't seem, like it spent thirty. Four years right since the Tigers one that eighty four World Series and got off to the amazing thirty five and five start Yeah, more, times than not we were always wondering along. The way what's what's the deal here I'll come Alan, Trammell Jack Morris aren't hall of fame bound will you know finally it happened which is more proof that good things come to those who wait Alan Trammell of course the six time all star four time gold glove winner and. MVP of that nineteen, Eighty-four World Series finally able to get in as a matter of fact, by doing so becoming the first. Tiger to enter the hall of fame, wearing a. Detroit. Cap on his plaque, since Hal new house. Back in hundred ninety two. And these two guys couldn't be more different from a personality standpoint. Alan Trammell always very very humble in his speech before 53,000 on, and. Cooperstown by the way thanking the late great sparky Anderson and of course his keystone combination? Teammate Lou Whitaker interesting note here Chipper Jones the former Atlanta Braves great also mentioned Lou Whitaker so maybe that'll Help help it get some steam here is. Hoping yeah Jack Morris meanwhile kinda humorous actually thanked the, sports writers who more times that he would Spar with during his major league baseball career saying whether you voted for me or not thank you for keeping my name alive unlike Alan Trammell Jack Morris spent some great great years. Here with the Tigers, of course wasn't the lifelong tiger spending time with his hometown Minnesota Twins, as well as the Toronto Blue. Jays and I'll point out winning a World Series. With. Both those organizations but, it was nice to. See both guys finally catering. Their rightful spot You know I don't know how they decide these, things but sparky was not wearing tagger hat. When, he went in and Obviously Trammell had to because we're the only. Team, he, played for but how do, they decide, what up to the plane they owe it, is up to the person oh yeah it is the players call And oddly I should say sparky had those wonderful years with a big red machine Cincinnati. Reds that's, remade his name, as a manager. And he went in with the reds camp but you. Know we knew exactly what Jack, Morris had. Done, for the Tigers and just one of the great competitors I mean sometimes you know he was abrasive I don't, think it's. A big. Secret to Jack that you know. He had that reputation Alan Trammell meanwhile even during his playing days, know just an old shucks. Kinda guy and one about his. Business in my sky Mr., consistency. It was it was a great great run and of course he still has. His place in the Tigers organization and that's nice to see and, it took a long time but finally it happened Allen thanks a lot of people including the family. And alkaline, and mentioned. His right hand Man Lou Whitaker et cetera et cetera In and he then, made a comment about the, the press, the Baseball Writers Association was you know he obviously. Was kinda sending them a little, dig but in the stories I've read it says that he never came close to election during his fifteen tries on the hall ballot in voting. By Baseball Writers Association of America? Members? So how did this come about then it goes to, another level which is a different tier and you are eligible for a certain. Amount of, years in the baseball writers you know they're in charge and you remember that. Debate throughout, pretty much from the time you know Alan Trammell career came to an end when you looked at his numbers as opposed to. Other shortstops, who were in the hall I, mean it, was a, no brainer And then what it comes down to is almost like a. Lifetime achievement, category and that's so he had moved into that category which is how he may say you give listen it's not easy getting. Into baseball's, hall nor should it be But that's why they call them. Hall of fame all halls of fame, and all walks of life are tough and important insignificant some, more than others and it's hard to top Cooperstown well and. The NFL is also very tough to, get into no question about. That now no slight to the NBA or NHL but when you're talking about. Difficult halls to become members of I would say major league baseball in the NFL, very difficult but, at the end of the day it's, nice to see that Alan Trammell and his teammate, Jack Morris finally get in Yep Wall of Detroit will continue to celebrate and bless you. Boys From a long time ago was it. Al Ackerman.

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