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Let's make sure we're getting the bag. Totally understand that part of the two and a lot of these schools are using basketball and buy games for getting a $100,000 to go play at high majors during the year to fund the rest of the athletic program. And I'm sympathetic to that. I get that they have different needs than attritional mid to high major. I just want those kids to get like a little bit of shine and not worry about playing. Another team before they go play one of the top four teams of the country. Yeah, no, like the idea of it is definitely like I agree with like the idea of it. I think you're a 100% right on that. It's just like there is like an interesting administrative behind the scenes like monetary function. Also like these teams get like Peter kiss on Tuesday or Wednesday night on Saturday plays. Peter kiss is gonna be a fucking superstar for a night. Wow. And there's gonna be no game superstar slash villain, right? Because as Americans, as college basketball fans, we can act like we don't like it. We want to see a villain. We want to root against a guy. We have been bred and born and raised to hate JJ Redick to hate Marshall Henderson to hate Grayson Allen. And now you're here in Peter kiss, who is so hated. He was not, he led the nation scoring 25 points per game 30 plus points for games last ten or 11. He was not voted as conference player of the year through the number one seed in the northeast conference. Alex Brown from Wagner had a great year. Nothing against him. This kid leads the nation scoring, but it has such this negative vibe from other teams and schools and you get it when you watch and play every dunks like a swear, a flip off of this, it's all too much, but you're gonna watch. I'm gonna watch that game. Sometimes the first forum, like, ah, I got it on the background. I'm not really, I'm into it. I'm gonna turn it into Bryant right state. No doubt about it. Oh, I'm ready. I am like full on ready for people to like, this is the first time that 95% of people that have watched or that are gonna watch that game will have seen Peter kiss. They're in for an experience. Was he on quit API? Did he play a Rutgers? Yeah, so he's there. He's a 50 year senior, after 30 games, just let him go. Just let him rock..

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