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And we talked a lot about that show. That was the show I believe Charlotte and Sasha main event it and there are. The people that credit that show as opening a lot of people in WWE's is as to what these women could do if they were in a WWE ring, you know, it would be a year later that Sasha banks, and Charlotte, we're both photographed on the side of of Dallas's football stadium. But this was a year before that and one of the big moments of that show was day. Tommy believe his matches against Tyler breeze and day. Oh used the for the first time. Now, the GTS, of course, punks move. But he got that from Kenta Kenta was using it in Japan. And that was the first time that he used that move in annex t and it got such a reaction, and it blew people's minds. And it was amazing. But then a day oh got injured. And then he came back a while later, and when he during the time that he was injured that was the rise of valor. And the rise of Kevin Owens and the changing of what an x t was. And what happened was after his injury had Deo had lost all the buzz that he had come in to annex t with and NS St. had come to had become a place where you expected to have that buzz instead because he wasn't really able to establish a foundation in annexed before he was injured when he came back from his injury. It was like he had a blank slate which isn't really fair because of the career yet before you got to annex t but regardless he came in with a blank slate wasn't really clear what was going to happen with Dale. And then he got injured again. And it's like, okay. And then he pops up onto five live, and he might have gotten injured again. I don't know. But a lot of people at this point loss. Track of day. Oh, Tommy look in a business like wrestling is not the nicest thing in a world to say that somebody is injury prone or use that against somebody. And I don't even know if it's using it against somebody. But you have to trust that people are going to be able to stay healthy. And if Daiwa Tommy is on a run right now where he gets injured every year. So you know, it's gonna be really difficult to build any momentum for this guy. Maybe at this moment. Deos best path is to not work WWE schedule. Maybe this moment, it's not even the schedule. Maybe just had a string of bad luck. And he's got go and rebuild that buzz because his chain of injuries in the WWE. Made people forget about the buzz that he came into the company with and it didn't allow him to build any buzz within WWE. So what happens after his injury is? He's lost every nobody cares. And I mean, that's what happened. That's that's the story of Daiwa. Tommy, and the WWE I think it could be interesting. If Cantu goes to Japan and starts to rebuild what he was putting together over there. And all of a sudden becomes a very very popular star in Japan. Who's to say, he won't come back to annex t in a much larger capacity. But that's what would need to happen at this point in his WWE career. It's just not clicking. And so I think that if Daiwa Tommy is getting released it's the best thing possible for them. Now, there's other news. And this is the one that people are speculating on is dean Ambrose. So there's so many ways to read into this dean Ambrose thing. And it's it's caught everybody off guard because we just saw them at the Royal rumble. We just saw him on raw he opened raw he cut an awesome promo with triple h he had a good mattress Seth Rollins that he lost. And they were clearly starting something between him and nyah Jack's nyah. Jax knocked him out of the ring and he cut a promo for YouTube..

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