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On a really great things to say. He's so funny. How are you good? How are you both do agree You're doing great. How's your weekend Jordan? How's it it was great? I had four okay fun fact so a friend that my mom now has because they met at our live d. c. show randomly They're like very good huhne's yeah they're very good show they did remember that. I remember that lady. Yeah apparently they were It's a married couple. I don't WANNA use names in case they think that's weird but they were talking to my mom not knowing that my mom was my mom and then it turned out that they live like twenty minutes away from each other. So they're really good friends now and The got or she wrote bringing people together. Yes the the husband of the group came to San Diego so me my dad and my boyfriend Ryan Brian. We all went and hung out and showed him like brewery and had some fun. So yes neko friends. Yeah there Shiro he did you check out. We went to fall brewing. Yeah Yeah so freaking good people are have said this right and it's happening for your family to which is really shows like I like met. I've made friends through your community so it's really nice. Yeah totally totally. He's really cool. It's we have the best listeners in the best fans and they're also like generous with their heart in time and yeah great grey dating side. Great friends side. I can't recommend it enough Yeah I'm good to the highlight of my day. So far was that I had some fresh squeezed orange juice. which was the primary safari simple? I just ask lads just some shit that it's the little things is important. Yes Oh yes all right we have some really league great things that are going to go on in this show but before we kick it off I I do want to get into my not new favorite segment. I was corrected elected by calling it new for too long not new. You know. It's like when you're training as a waitress and you just want to keep that. I'm in training but for like a year or like student driver. You're a bad driver. I've thought about putting guest drivers sticker on my car. People are Nicer Sir. Refusal to accept that time is moving forward. Yeah always knew. Yes if somebody on twitter said this year has been a hell of a week. He's two high. That's the worst thing I've ever heard. That's really funny. Well I I can't remember cool. Sorry no probably do but it wasn't me how about that. So Fair enough. Yeah all right. Let's let's let's get into the corrections Ah Oh I made a mistake. All right eight from Nancy Norton Wendy was first implemented Kentucky. How to Democratic Governor Shears Father Question Mark and they did implement the Medicaid expansion? Many.

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