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That story I on NPR Bernie Sanders and Beto Rourke have released their taxes. Other Democrats are doing the same casting attention on the president who has not also this hour what happened to the talks over North Korea's nuclear weapons. It's Tuesday, April sixteen New England Patriots. Coach Bill Belichick is sixty seven years old today. Here's the news. Live from NPR news in Washington, korva Coleman. European Union leaders are calling on their member countries to band together and support of France after the fire that ravaged Notre Dame cathedral. Teri Schultz reports from Brussels EU, lawmakers are sending both condolences and are being asked to send cash churches across Europe are sounding their chimes in solidarity with Notre Dom like this one in Riga, Latvia. As the European parliament meets in Strasbourg. It's president on Tonio Tani spoke of how deeply fellow Europeans. Feel the damage. Tani speaks here through an interpreter. We. Wounded to the coal by one occurred yesterday in Paris, it's going to take a long time for this wound to heal. It's going to take a lot of money too. So Tani suggests each parliamentarian donate today's pay to fund set up to help rebuild the iconic church for NPR news. I'm Teri Schultz. In Brussels, Notre domed iconic spire collapsed into the cathedral's roof during the fire and eventually the whole roof caved in the cathedral was undergoing renovation at the time of the blaze, which was being financed by group called friends of Notre Dom Bertran Bhadra is a member of the group and says the owner of fashion house. Louis Vitton has pledged two hundred fifty million dollars toward the cathedral's restoration. The just the cost of innovation to advocate fifty million-euro seventy million ish suspected swill fulltime. I mean, it's very early days to say so great that. Get it's. I suspect bowl Rico Andrei spoke to NPR's morning edition. Notre Dame's outer walls are still standing and the cathedral's large crucifix and alter remain in place. Libya's deputy prime minister says eastern Libyan commander Khalifa after is trying to wage a coup by ordering his troops to attack the capital tripling and be our Soviet Pohjola reports the Libyan officials spoken room. That's where he warned fighting in Libya could lead to a massive migrant exodus toward Italy off met Mitek deputy prime minister of the internationally recognized national unity government said that since the halftime military offensive began in early April. One hundred twenty people have been killed and twenty thousand people forced to leave their homes, he accused hostile of wanting to install himself as the dictator of Libya, but stressed that troops loyal to the unity. Government have does far been able to protect the capital might take claim some eight hundred thousand migrants could potentially try to leave Libya for Europe. After talks with my tag Italian prime ministers. Coach said, we must avert a humanitarian crisis that could be devastating. Not only for Italy in the EU. But also for the Libyan people so people Jolie NPR news, Rome. You're listening to NPR news from Washington at six. Oh four. This is KCRW news. I'm Cheri Glazer. Another development in the nationwide college admission scandal actors Laurie Lachlan and her husband fashion, designer Maasim genuinely have pleaded not guilty. Their cues paying bribes to get their two daughters have been to USC as KCRW's David Weinberg reports the decision by Lachlan and GM newly to fight the charges is a contrast the approach taken by some other high profile parents so far thirteen of the thirty three parents charged in the emissions scandal have pleaded guilty, including actress, Felicity Huffman, they're hoping guilty. Plea leads to lenient sentencing. One key difference between huffing. Men and Laughlin is the size of their alleged. Bribes Huffman only paid fifteen thousand dollars Laughlin Genucel allegedly paid five hundred thousand to get their two daughters into USC crew recruits. They could face a harsher sentence, and may be more willing to fight the charge in court USC for its part is reviewing the case of any enrolled students involved in the scandal. But there's no word on how those investigations are proceeding only that some students may be denied admission or expelled, the university did not agree to interview for this story, but has issued the statement among many factors. Investigators could consider in reviewing each case are any developments in the criminal cases, including plea deals by parents for KCRW. I'm David Weinberg farmers up and down California's central valley are dealing with the unique dilemma the more water. They pumped from underground aquifer. The more the land literally sinks around them as KCRW. Jonathan bastion reports. Now team Stanford. Researchers might have come up with a solution for decades. Farmers have drilled a deep into the earth to reach. These large underground water basins or awkward, especially during periods of worsening drought. With more water flowing out of these offers than in the clay ground is dry and caving in on itself. Parts of the central valley sunk buys much twenty eight feet during the first half of the twentieth century a team from Stanford's school of earth energy and environmental sciences, say one potential fixes strategic flooding bombarding fields and orchards with excessive water such that the waters able to soak the clay and recharge the empty aquifer is on top of that. Researchers say they've developed types of remote sensing data that instructs farmers wear flooding could be most effective. The new study predicts the ground will sink by other thirteen feet or more at some sites of the next twenty years unless some kind of action is taken. And new protections. Could soon be in place for orcas living off the west coast. The federal government says by October it will propose expanded habitat protections off of Washington, Oregon, California for the animals the announcement comes in response to lawsuit filed by the environmental group the center for biological diversity. The whales spend their summers in the waters between Washington state and Canada about two thirds the year they migrate and forage for salmon off the west coast. The conservation group says the federal government had been dragging its feet designating critical habitat for the whales.

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