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She makes about how she spends her time on so Riley has to choose which way she wants to make life go. And that's that's what goes down in the book. Yes. And it's a very, yeah. It's just a fun can offend has sickle journey that you get to make with Riley. Now, I she's very good character. Like, I feel like I know her many people like her I wasn't always the biggest fan of her. Look I wanted to yell at her through the pages. Even though I knew her heart was in the right place. Do you when you were writing her did you find she was more in line with a certain personality type or generation? Well, it's interesting because I mean, we've talked a lot about the the Gretchen Rubin for tendencies types, and as as an upholder. I am willing to say noticing like, you know, that's just who I am. But I do know people who are more obliged types who can't say no to anything and the more. You know, you talk that they always have something else. They've agreed to do for someone in your like in. What way does that fit in with your larger life goals is like, well, it doesn't but somebody asked so they did it. And they did you say you think she's in oblige. I I would say she's probably in obliged who's learning to have some more upholding tendencies by the by the. The end of it. Because of course, we think the upholders right? You know, it's it's. No, no. It's not about that. It's it's more that you have to recognize that your larger life goals. And in fact, the service you can do for the world isn't always achieved by saying. Yes to everything because you know, as there's the, you know, the phrase of that Julia explained to her that expectations are infinite time is finite. You are always choosing choose. Well. And so what Riley is doing is. She's choosing. What is right in front of her? What is blinking in making the loudest noise? But that's not always the right thing to be focusing on. So in a she's she's learning to she she responds to emails instantly in she will take a conference call while she's meeting with someone else because the conference call was there, you know, and her poor personal life. So she she forgets to go meet up with her boyfriend. Who is then very unhappy about that she kind of cancels lunch with a friend of hers, but in in the worst possible way, so yet life is life is falling apart on on various dimensions. She has disappointing. Everyone was she do you think were you were you trying to rights a bit of a millennial character because she comes off a little. Yeah. Well, she's young. I mean, so if you think about this as being written in say two thousand eighteen two thousand nineteen and she's twenty nine so, yes, she's definitely a millennial manipulate you captured that nice like. But the thing issues, I mean, she's a really hard working millennials. So she's not at all this slacker, and you can the character. She has a you want. I hopefully, you wanna root for her because you see that. She's just come into white shoe consulting firm as like a hard scrabble, Indiana, girl, she hasn't. She didn't go to Harvard. She didn't go to Princeton. She didn't go to those places that all her colleagues has gone to she went on scholarship to Indiana University. She's just incredibly smart incredibly ambitious determine Herman hard worker, and that served her very, well, you know, got her hired at this great consulting firm. It's moved her up the ranks quickly. But now she's in management, and it turns out, you can't just work harder. You actually have to think about what you're doing. And whether the stuff that you're doing it could fill all twenty four hours a day hundred sixty dollars a week, you have to make choices, and she doesn't really know how to do that. I think part of it is also that you know, the times of this age there's just so much task fragmentation. If you're not able to make those choices than you're kinda like that's part of that's part of the key is making the choices to start with what do you feel? I mean when she is able to put it all together. What do you feel like was the key advice that that got her? Yes. So I think that Juliet needs to impart sort of my time management advice to her..

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