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Then worked on a tv show david russell that an upcoming cancelled but because it was produced by harvey weinstein and and was caught up in that and those were amazing i loved working with them and it was so exciting and making the big short and being on sat and like in the whole process of writing words on a page and then it becomes words that brad pitt is saying ryan gosling saying like it's crazy but it's similar that like i see with adam mckay or david russell the agony they feel if it's not exactly right and the willingness to just stick with it and stay with it and you know i have that for magazine writing nonfiction long for non fiction writing and i have since i was a kid and that hasn't budged do you think that it has to be from when you were a kid do you think that that's that about that's about like this thing that i've noticed living a little bit in radio and after having lived in magazine land is like i think the radio people just grew up being like i wanted this radio stuff yeah i heard zoe talk about how radio saved her life in her early twenties yeah i don't know if it has to be i think it is for just thinking of the people i've talked to about this i think i think it is deep for one thing though is you know i watched ira glass create this american life and it long form radio was desert before this american life there was you know the few people doing stuff ira was doing stuff for all things considered stuff but it wasn't.

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