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Yeah not much one if not both of those are from other gaming companies. If i remember correctly. So i think that bringing new people. Unless i misunderstood this. I think they've been working for a little bit but it's not like that long of a time. I think at least one of them was from xbox. I think and they'd only been working there short amount of time so they weren't like internally voting o.'neil previously led the carriers visions which blizzard acquired in january. So that's half a year borrow was previously at microsoft is corporate vice president for experts. Next game pass. John blizzard two thousand nineteen. So this is two of the newer guys are. I think it's one one's a woman men and one woman right. Yeah i believe so. Yeah so one from january and one from two thousand nine hundred so it's none of the old guard so to speak that get higher positions of power but in all of this the main takeaway i have i mean first of all. I hope this isn't just you know facade that's always. I'll always be super skeptical about the shit when a company gets into a lot of trouble into shit storm for whatever reason it is obviously extremely serious could have been something like whatever whenever they get into shit storm and someone high up gets fired or leaves than a lot of people. Just move on. They're like okay. Now there's change and a lot of the time it's just it's just for show right and nothing really truly happens underneath the surface not the case or something needs to fucking happen under the fact. That isn't going to court change. So i don't think it's up to them anymore But we'll see a lot of people from what i've gathered. Are you know. This is just like again. It's about what you read online forums or read it or whatever what people are calling for a lot of people are really frustrated with the situation because it seems like nothing is happening. Was bobby kotik right that. There's nothing either about him like stepping down or getting put under more pressure or whatever Because he is the ceo right. This is not the ceo of blizzard. It's the president. And i don't really know what. Their power dynamics are in levels in the company or whatever but a lot of the time when something this serious something happens at the absolute echelon of leadership in the company. And this i. I don't want to spread misinformation so i don't know how much this is but as far as i'm aware bobby kotik is the top of the top of this company and has a pretty large influence from my understanding of the way..

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