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Appearing in everything from gun smoke to mod to the love boat Michelle Paulino fox news New York fungi Callahan this is fox news W. CBM Baltimore pleasant weather during the day Wednesday but more rain on the way to partly cloudy skies overnight thirty nine sunshine Wednesday clouds begin to move in through the afternoon around sixty rain Wednesday night forty eight mainly morning showers Thursday otherwise cloudy milder low seventies body in mild Friday with afternoon showers upper seventies dry weather over the weekend with cooler temperatures highs both days around the world which is consumed from the weather channel for talk radio six eighty W. C. W. C. B. M.'s studios are sponsored by a safe retirement solution call Ross Perot you today for that solution for ten to six six eleven twenty cheese off your day with the top newsmakers along with fox news reporters in gas plus the daily commentary and significant issue of the day the fox news rundown on talk radio six eighty WCBS am and Baltimore to talk to George Noory call the wildcard line at eight one eight five zero one four one zero nine the first time caller line is eight one eight five zero one four seven two one to talk tool free from east of the Rockies call eight hundred eight two five five zero three three from west of the Rockies toll free call eight hundred six one eight eight two five five to reach George via Skype user Skype name George nine seven three one three seven Georgia text message anytime at eight one eight two nine eight six five two one this is coast to coast AM with George Noory well this is the hour we'll take your phone calls with major ed dames the remote viewer along with a few more questions right here on coast to coast AM the most holdings and talk right here on talk radio six eighty WCBS Baltimore the corona virus the CDC says it's really dangerous the senior citizens not newsmax TV is bringing you all the facts about this killer bug newsmax is the fastest growing cable news channel in America.

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