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The awesome win tradition of PT. Bigger than the summer one because awesome or something to clothing just to be industry. Generally, there's more. There's literally more Claude more items that paper buying is a big industry, which means there's more businesses and other thing that that is interesting compared to summer is in some of the city of Florence. He's very much, you know, it's happening in June. And so it's diluted there's a little tour through dilute the presence of the PCB's. Whereas winter now, it's very much. You know, the PT attendees Tyco's of Florida. So he's sort of a bit of a fashion parade across the tea wherever you go. We went out last night and just outta just around him little tutorial, and you know, the industry in front of us was defying team for lipoma. Shea department store. I'm so that you've quacks convivial atmosphere and yet he's all about menswear. Well, it is all sounding rather glamorous. Indeed. But of course, there is work. To do. What have you seen Scifo? Yeah. So I've seen a few interesting things, I was working pasta. This is sort of interview birth in the central core on that's where he passed out this morning, and Scott Schuman who's the satori list? I'm straight soft poker? I just by the head of quite from him being interviewed. And he said, I thought it was interesting an kind of emphasizes important to PC he said in women's way, if you say someone wearing something interesting, you laying out because, you know, women's wet tends to be striking you sort of laying out to get a look the whole outfit. It's kind of absorb it any said events where you stayed someone growing something really good you laying in because it's all about the days house. I'm not really on HAMAs harm. Why PT's so good because it's all about sort of going to the STAN touching all the materials, you know, saying the suburbs up close. So I mean, we had in mind that one of my favorite prunes warning, which is called, touch, and, you know, stop by some favorite brands like depan facto, which is. Great Parisian label and the work has club, which is a British label on you know. They small brands sort of might have what it is. And the other thing that's kind of interesting. It says this quite be focused on sustainability on the season. I mean sustainability is something about the industry talks about a lot, you know, just generally. But it is kind of sometimes throwing around and often lose that's maintaining, but I I was talking to a brand this morning from LA called Italia and repes-. I'm they're doing something really interesting. And I think at east different they upcycle race talk everything, but you can really say it in close. So they either us or dead stock materials, and then Ray work the into different paces all what they do is. They just pay for going inside a pair of jeans, that's repented or something on the studio rate design them. So I choose a different tweets. I basically make them feel like you. I am. And I was thinking the found him rich. And he said, you know, people want you. That's kind of what fushing based on. But these kids the sale of museum without actually having to produce new comment 'cause he's so much waste in the industry. So I think they've got a re he's onto something really interesting. And I think, you know, it's a brand that's worth taking Noyce. All absolutely. We'll be keeping a close Lia on. What else is coming out? Oh, PT one as well. Monaco's fashion editor, Jamie waters. Thanks for joining us. He will have more calls from PT over the next few days right here on monocle twenty four..

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