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I know that eventually jet you gotta get out again oh yeah well you've sure i mean in dc the the pitching they they've learned how to pitch to him a little bed i mean he he could do ahead of he could make mistake swinging at a bad pitch and headed out so long and he's the last of of any yankees should worry about and what young go ahead i am that he did that might big it but my my of i would just what i think i think probably it about forty three forty four i'm not i'm not gonna buy a hundred and added i bad at bad bad about eighty look involved choir shelton joe dimaggio and it's ruchiatna e eh that having sure lesson and dimaggio i mean judges in the first half broker diversions rookie record with the home runs with the twenty nine thanks joe another j o from rachlin county you're on the fan gel amnesty rubbing on all pretty good joe how about with yourself arm don't go well i'm actually i'm not upset at all about uh met created a deadline you know i i think they're really piecing together for 2017 now adequate aditorial do they run my wife your their contract i i don't really them finding back with them the army moves in the future and we pick up a two hour lever well they they had to sell and an end still i mean they still have cabrera they still have granderson they they've still have a couple of guys that may or may not that get themselves through waivers will see what happens what's available in order first regarding waivers with a couple of the other guys i would think that cabrera is going to end up one another team will see about granderson so there's a couple of guys they didn't move and i'm glad they did move boroughs i wanna see bruce in right field the market was very sore for jay bruce and i don't know why y guy as twenty seven home runs and one hundred rbis close to it what was of whatever it wants from last year with the minutes so again.

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