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Now four O 7 it's all things considered on 90.1 W ABE I'm Jim burris All right let's be honest for a moment we've heard from razors like this the one that we are in right now in the past but have you ever thought okay I'm going to donate one day Well we're asking that today be that day Why Right now we are in the largest match of the entire member drive Perhaps even in the history of W ABE it's a big deal So right now during all things considered when you give it W ABE dot org slash donate or 6 7 8 5 5 three 90 90 your gift really has a much bigger impact Susanna caputo is our deputy managing editor here at W ABE and she's gonna share a little bit more Welcome to Susanna Hey Jim it's great to be with you during all things considered Okay here's how this works A few members of our major giving society here at W ABE called the cornerstone members They have given us $20,000 to match with your donation right now So if you give $10 a month it'll be matched for the first year If you give $50 they'll match it with $50 Best of all urination powers all the reasons you value all things considered in W ABE So please take a moment give right now W a dot org slash donate help us meet that $20,000 match Hey it's Peter sagal from wait wait don't tell me And here in the W ABE fundraiser please take a moment to consider the observations from Atlanta's very own dad's garage Hi Whitney Freddy thanks for coming in today It looks like you guys want to open a fund account Yes A fun account because we're going to be spending this on vacation right babe Yeah this is all for fun Yeah let's kick off the fun So can we get this fun account started I'm sorry Tim What is this D There's a D after my fund Yeah this is a fund account What Yeah All the money that you put into this account is going to go straight to WAB Oh my gosh You know what Honey Yeah This is all going to WAB I'll put into a fund account You are so fun You're so fun I love you I love you too Stop Where are we going to go first They're fun YouTube please get out of my office Oh my gosh The observations of dad's garage Look it only takes a moment to donate so please give Here's how Just grab that.

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