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Canola with mcdonald's in long lack we work with robbins donut and in in jail we work with a local convenience store and so you know out of cocaine me work with robbins donated tim hortons in winnipeg's you know it is just a matter of working with local businesses that can benefit from that traffic on and off the bus and there's a lot of people willing to do that we talked to manitoba grand chief yesterday sheila north and she said that she is looking perhaps for an opportunity here for first nations communities many which is you know our remote to maybe come up with a solution of their own their own transportation needs what do you think of that idea well i think are better off calling me and making a partnership agreement with us or an existing up freighter because starting from scratch is very time consuming this is time sensitive matter through is not a lot of time left here to you cannot purchase a bus overnight like this this is not stuff you can just pick off the lot you gotta train drivers set up you programs you gotta have your licensing in place i have the license in place that is a six to nine month process on the on the slow side i i've message to the toba chiefs on twitter there giving them my phone number so i'd be more than happy wanted to call me and and and and work with existing person that can get this going in the time frame available you know a lot of people are upset that this is happening greyhound made this decision but if you do you see it as an opportunity of course i mean it's a portrayed if a lifetime to step up to the plate and do what the can do some companies are just too big to change into turnaround in direction and smaller companies come in they're more nimble inflexible i don't have a big board of directors to answer to funding to make a decision making decision and i can rule the fit and the the dates my name on the line so i have to deliver on what i said i'm going to do so yes it's it's different for two d and i'm gonna try to fill the void especially can keep things for making time thank you very much about.

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