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Guys. We have any questions We'd love to hear from you. But you kind of addressed an issue with Paul W one morning this week before the most of the world is awake regarding the urgency in scheduling projects for you awake. Actually, awas. You don't you don't sleep where I was right. Sorry. I forgot. And you would have been. Anyway. I was about to say you of all people. Yeah, You're you're an early riser. I would have asked to be on the call, Right? Exactly, Um No. We got a request from Paul W. The team over there Great team about to talk about lumber prices. And one of the first things I reminded Paul of is how old you and I are. Remember. Remember the drywall shortage early nineties late eighties, Remember, we were, too was partially cured by the influx of Chinese drywall, which became a whole other issue. That's funny. Remember that? That's fine, but we gotta stay is real quick drywall shortage. The Chinese drywall made up for that shortage, but did a lot more damage than long. One because of the poor quality, horrible shoes came about as a result, so we remember the drywall shortage we remember taking drywall offered their loads while they were still warm. From the plant and hanging them. On. Then we had the steel and the weird around 2000. Still, prices Terrace went through the roof, You know, SB shortage, or it was actually being hoarded in boxcars, where they actually shut down public trading of the commodity. Because people were literally you know people with far more money than you and I'll ever have were literally buying boxcars of it and putting them on sidings railroad.

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