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And so quite a few of our participants have shown a lot of excitement towards it. We're actually in our pilot piloting in the same community, which asked for games last year with a different device. And so I think that's one of the that's one of the game changing differences or big differences that we see. Because you can call your loved ones and you can send them a hug. Those are all great features. But being able to interact and then play games and have them and guess your favorite character or play bingo, those sort of things are kind of very, very nice and a lot different than a tablet or a computer. And have you heard of stories of people I know this is like you said a pilot project. So it's not a huge sample size, but have you heard of stories using them to help with their actual medical histories or medications or reminders? I know that there's a lot of interest in the medical community in terms of using voice technology to help with that. Is there anything there that you can comment on Emily? I would say the reminders are definitely something that our seniors have been using. I think the medical reminders, maybe it's just because our sample size has been so healthy that they're a little bit medical reminders are a bit less necessary, but I think that is for sure something, even if it's cooking or those types of things are all are all really enjoyed and I think just the easiness of it, the ease of use to just be able to tell it to remind you is such a such a great feature. Wonderful. And we are go ahead and add something on top of that. I think what is really interesting about this partnership is that we are providing feedback to the Amazon team and we're working quite closely because the Canadian version of the device and app has customized for us as compared to the American one. And we would really like to build and evolve on that to make sure that we can take advantage of the new things that are being released and either the firmware or the device itself. That's wonderful. So as you got this pilot project, and you're about to roll out the main project, what are the biggest surprises that you have learned being involved with Amazon and these echo devices versus other programs that you've done? What is the main difference of the big takeaways that you have come across? Maybe this is a good one for both of you. Maybe you can share each of you for your pointer to who wants to start. I can go first. So again, this is something that is a story from our experiences between the two programs. So.

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