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Of emergency for more than thirty counties as now tropical depression emily moves across the central parts of the state he says the stormers bringing heavy rain the primary impact will be heavy rainfall for next 24 hours to six inches have already fallen and other two two four inches is expected today for west central and south west florida isolated areas could receive up to six to eight inches some seventy eight hundred homes and businesses along florida southwest coast are without power as the storm moves across the florida peninsula us naval station in norfolk virginia the world's largest navy base has resumed to normal operations after it ports of a possible trespassing scuba diver appear to be unfounded a b says all ships were clear after an extensive search that involved boats helicopters other personnel earlier today sailors on watch reported seeing a possible diver and a secured area optima guerra ap radio news ap radio news i'm tim mcguire just eleven days after taking the job at only hours after general john kelly took over as white house chief of staff communications director anthony scaramucci is out both anthony and general kelly also i think came to a mutual agreement and we're moving forward to focus on the jobs outside of this building not within it press secretary sarah sanders says kelly a retired marine general and now former homeland security secretary as complete control over the white house staff simmering tensions between president trump and attorney general jeff sessions appear to be cooling down by dow says trump has one hundred percent confidence in his cabinet and including sessions trump has publicly belittled sessions recently calling him week.

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