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That's the main thing I, think they should get shorter and shorter. All. Well I'm with you on that one I find it intimidating. That's so try to keep these to a half hour because I find I it's like the average commute when people committed but I don't know too much of a commitment if you see like fifty four there. But let's talk about some of your podcasts because you've got a really short one with. Encyclopaedia Manica. Wasn't sure if I'd be able to pronounce that correctly. which is only five minutes, right? Yeah. It's a five minute daily podcast about women from history. and. We've been doing it for about a year and a half now. And you know people said to us at a certain point like are you going to run out of women feature? So we're going. We've kept it going for that reason. Yeah, five minutes is awesome. Five minutes is hard to sell to advertisers, but it's great for parents parents with kids and we've got a really big range of listeners for that show. which is really cool. It's become our basic it's become our flagship. So I mean, you wanted I want to get to the the AD side but. I'm interested in in this diversification of podcast I think one of the diversifications is is short, right? Yeah. There's more. I've noticed more of these like daily podcasts that are that are short and that are briefings that are you know five ten minutes rather than. The standard feels like a half a half hour to forty minutes, and then the bill, the Bill Simmons crooked media sort of the goes into like an hour plus. Yeah. Yeah I mean part of it is we want to figure out where we fit into someone's overall media diet when you're creating content like Encyclopedias Monica that's Evergreen and frankly ernest right? Like we're just trying to educate people about interesting women from history. Where does that fit and it could fit as a break in your day could fit in the morning after you listen to the daily, it can fit while you're making dinner, but it's not five minutes is like it's hard to know exactly where that fits because it fits in so many places. and. So we think of it is like, what can you do it in tandem with what other listening activities featured in tandem with and I think that's really interesting when I look at like all of these new date like daily briefings that are ten minutes I'm skeptical of those. I. Actually think that's harder to habituate because people are have already shown that they're willing to listen to the daily at twenty. Twenty, five minutes. Yeah So with these different podcasts you like, are you building a brand? Or you building franchises like I wonder like like like you guys describe yourselves as an audio I media company, which I think says we're not a podcast studio we're not just looking to not just I mean look what they sold for but I think the the ethos of a lot of these wonder re for example is we're just the studio and the brands are the shows. How are you looking at that? Is that the same approach different? This is a very good question is the question on my mind. We are trying to build a brand, but I would say as A. Media Company we sort of had to make some hard choices early on and if felt like a better use of money and resources to design beautiful podcast art than to create a gorgeous brand book, develop huge social media following for Wonder Media Network. Also like as you know, podcast followings ultimately are about the hosts and their about the content and the charisma particular show. They're much less about the fact that it comes from digital or it comes from crooked..

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