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Billy billy article naive where does he do that really all my good name i would die laughing yeah dili dili knock daily delays my brothers tapie attacked the other day when he saw a bad that commercial he's like i'm picturing your son doing that and i'm like white dili dili not dili billing my households not into the dili delhi my houses into the hospital uh listeners texted dili dili but like is it dipped for donald the for rosen i think rest like you know they took vaughn miller hour early last night and they're like just rest rosen's comey now here we go with a thrones means exactly dillydally rose nuts at that moment anyway so we found something out in this segment aaron rogers is available british um you can acre for baker you could blaeker for you could breaker for baker no baker you can reach out to her car noarm baker you can faker forbade curb fake baker you can shaker for baker chosen for rosen i like lausanne and then we just never say it we just only use it on social media rosen for rosen it sounds like a lotion and then you just told that story that brain of marshall was like loosening up his whole body when grant needs with a guard they only visual app.

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