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I love him and everything he does, But back in the day, he did quite a lot of ukulele playing. On shows like Smothers Brothers. And I think he got the Smothers Brothers thrown off the air for the song they saying, But do you ever do you ever sit down with him and have a jam session with his ukulele? Well, he love his banjo, So I just wanted to hear him play ukulele, but he has been crushing the Bandra. Oh, um and there were times and I want to say season You know, early seasons like one through four, where they did actually write scenes and where he got to play the banjo, and I would like, walk in and sit down and have a discussion with him. Um I don't think I've ever gotten to sing with him, though. Even though I'm hoping at some point that happens because it is just that iconic part of George Segal. He would go on these shows and play music and, um Anything. I think he took what I know. He plays every single day. That's good to know because he I've seen him do it a lot, and I don't remember I have to try to YouTube it or something. But there was a segment on the Smothers Brothers Variety show where he and the Smothers Brothers, saying an anti Vietnam War song and CBS just thought that was too controversial and I think it was the onus for getting them throw off the air. But I may be wrong on that you might need to check with Georgia. I know that, but I would not be surprised in that situation. Okay. Haley, Arancha, the Goldberg the Goldbergs on ABC and their eighth season. We look forward to that. And thank you for joining us today. Yeah, thank you so much. Victor. This has been later with Leigh Matthews. Leigh Matthews Podcast. Remember to listen. Live to the drive weekdays from 5 to 7. My muse Radio 1000. Katie, Okay. I. Heart radio puts the spotlight on Tom Petty despite tension between band members during the recording of 1985.

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