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In college hockey you could have guys that'd be twenty three twenty four twenty five years old playing college hockey and and david had teams that have a lot of true freshman on them even clothing you know jack i go back a couple of years ago so it's an interesting move it's kind of an inside job and that you know chris who's got who's got a say and things now you know as someone working under jeff gordon he's a bu guy jeff gordon is a is a new england guy you know i think they have a lot of you know former ncwa players and some b you guys in their mix so right you know you know we'll see how it plays out i mean they've given the term which i think is important to give them a five year term she'll let him you know this is a rebuilding situation to have some you know stability and and and feel like he's going to have a chance to carry out this program this kind of rebuilding retooling program for the rangers but i'll be i i'm not convinced that you know i know exactly what he's going to bring to the table but he's you know he's definitely someone with a different approach i think they were interested very interested in jim montgomery he decided to go to the dallas stars and i think they settled it on david david was committed to coach the us world junior team and i would soon that he's going to have to you always have to give up those responsibilities now so it's a great opportunity for david quinn it's definitely a different way of you know different experience level and they've had in the past and you know some teams have done very well with that and some of the guys haven't so we'll have to wait and see and at the end of this all on the thing i've learned about coaching whether it's in the national hockey league or you know being a bantam minor coach in brick new jersey is that if you have the.

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