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Los Angeles County declared a measles outbreak with five confirmed cases, one of those cases involved a UCLA student who may have exposed hundreds of people to measles on campus month. Mark Mayfield NBC News Radio and they're dealing with a measles outbreak in New York as well. Mostly Brooklyn, Rockland county Dennis may have an important role in helping domestic violence victims. Researchers at the university of Arizona college of medicine note that three out of every four cases of head and neck trauma associated with domestic violence involves some sort of oral injury. And there's been a rise in herpes since this year's Coachella music festival over thousand cases reported in Indio palm desert and Coachella valley during the festival herp alert says that usually handles about twelve cases a day health update. Scott Pringle, NBC. News radio. The opioid epidemic become not just deadly. But also, a costly problem that's affecting more people than ever ABC's. Daria Albinger, with the results of new study on drug overdoses, researchers at the Pacific institute for research and evaluation in Maryland documented, the deaths in teens and young adults from two thousand six to twenty fifteen they found three thousand four hundred twenty two were due to drug overdoses eighty five percent or unintentional and that opioids contributed to almost half of the deaths. That's an increase from just over eight percents in two thousand six to nine point seven percent in two thousand fourteen the price tag, a staggering thirty five point one billion dollars annually. Daria Albinger, ABC news. Nobel-winning astronomer says the universe is expanding faster than it used to meaning the cosmos is considerably younger than we thought that sending a shudder through the world of physics making strana mors rethink some of their most basic concepts. The new research says the universe is about one billion years younger than previously believed. Komo AAA traffic.

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