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At the third strike, it will be. I assure you on full pace 100%. Floor to the floor. Yeah, David Orban in the boys are in the bar. One, eat play club. The Christian O'Connell show gold one O 4.3. Good morning patty. Morning. Good morning, Jackie boy. Hey guys, you are in a world of fine because Jack post is a bombers fan. So for the rest of us yesterday was an amazing game on a beautiful day at the MCG on a very, very special day anzac day. And I would agree with all that Christian. It was a thank you. That's what the day is about, by the way. Read the room. It was obviously less we forget. Somebody does kind of forget. Let's talk about the result, Christmas. I can't forget, I can't forget. It was a painful day. I went from the most joyous I've ever been. Those first three quarters are surrounded by friends. Where is your son in this chronology of most joyous I've ever been? I was sitting in the sun barbecue with friends essence playing well with smashing saint Kilda so with fashion collingwood and then the fourth quarter, it was like it was destined to happen. It's like, they didn't even look like they needed to worry in the third quarter, even though they're like 28 down. They're just like, they didn't like, don't worry about it. Yeah, we're calling it, we will find a way to win. When they were three goals down, two goals down one goal and it didn't matter. It felt like S&M was already losing. And I wasn't even disappointed in the team. It was just now you play, you played amazingly for three quarters. Slow motion, tsunami coming at it. So there was nothing that we could do. I was just so sad afterwards. So you still with all your mates watching a game. Yes, and what's the atmosphere like? Well, there's four bomber supporters and a bunch of neutrals. So no, thankfully, no collingwood supporters rubbing it in. They only calling which photo is absolutely part of the year. Finally the year that guy Australian of the year right there, dropping the ball and then Langford, then east to be an emoji of what Langford did. It's like it's better than a chef's kiss. What sweet paper? That was perfect. That was honestly, I think the pig of joy after getting married to my wife and seeing the birth of my son. That was the most acutely now just saying that as you remember on the radio I think unfair vows to ask you really, you put the audio the way round. Langford chef's kids have a golf. Then those other things I mentioned. And then afterwards, I just, I was honestly just trying to I was trying to do breathing exercises and I thought of you actually. Christian, because you're good at that. That's what the ancient yogis created all these techniques for us all for dramatic sports losses and to do with collingwood losses. Trying to convince myself it's not to do with me. It doesn't really change my life in any meaningful way. But I still went to bed sad. I still was angry. Because it feels just like you had your heart broken. You had your heart broken. It's just like a relationship will break your heart. So sport. Because it's like real life, you get really invested in it. Because you were joyful and then suddenly, what's the opposite of joy? It was stolen minutes. Minutes have passed. Well, it was so joyful. I want to rewind. I'm not the same guy was 20 minutes ago flipping collingwood. But you got to say Colin wood did so well. It's unbelievable. You can't, you can't fault them in that last quarter. They demolished us. What an amazing game though, for the rest of us that were not bombers fans or pies just like I've only been watching footy for 5 years. And I think now I'd replay that game to anyone that came over in the UK that go is as exciting as EPO football. Because it was so exciting and that free flowing intense back and forth where you can't look away. It's an amazing game when it's played like that. Yeah, it was honestly the game was on fire for that. And that fourth quarter, especially I just felt like acid and had nothing left. I gave everything. I thought a couple of things, right? The last post will never not be the most haunting piece of music you'll ever hear. It just does something so special on a day of remembrance. It was also amazing the MCG, you know, 95,000 yesterday biggest anzac day crowd ever, just the silence, the power in such a noisy, joyous stadium where people screaming and cheering, and if you call them and find booing often and but to hear it silent is so powerful before the game as well. I thought it was amazing. I thought, Darcy Moore spoke really, really classy as well. I thought it was a beautiful speech. I turned the game off. Tables have been turned over there. Not so classy. And then the other thing is, well, maybe it was my TV is still side bottom playing in a bathing can. The whitest thing in sport is still side bottom's head. It looked like an old lady's bathing cap. It was half a golf ball. Yes. I want to put some jam on it and eat it. Like a scone. The Christian O'Connell show podcast. All right, time for extra time on the time wasters. Your chance to try and claim gold and win a Chopin. We're looking for your prehistoric movies, prehistoric movies. Okay, please start movies. One of those old cavemen in cave ladies watching. What were they watching? How are they watching Steve Gutenberg, three cavemen and a baby? Yes. Silver. Freddy flintstone got fingered. Too soon? Goodwill gathering. Goodwill gatherings. And the girl with the Paleolithic hearing. Jackie boy, what have you got for prehistoric movies? Dino darko Donnie darko's a dinosaur? There was a question mark at the end of that. As there should be. Yes. Big mammoth's house. And that's gold. T rexit Ralph. That's good too. Silver. And Mastodon and commander. That's very good. That's very good. That's a God. But Christian O'Connell show podcast. Christian O'Connell show, you were back there. Last minute on that song, I left you. I saw a thousand yards there and I thought, sometimes with grief, you just need to be in the grief. You can't track someone out. It's going to just kind of work itself through your own time. Someone else, I know he was, the fourth quarter. Can I tell you what is really bugging me? Yesterday I joined the game, there was a collingwood supporter who dropped the ball when Langford went to get it before he kicked the goal. Eddie McGuire. And that was wearing prosthetics underneath that. Is Eddie McGuire? That annoyed me so much, but then lengthy goes on to kick the goal and suddenly hole feelings are flipped on it. You're like, this is the greatest moment I've ever experienced as an S on the support. I'm so, so happy. And then what makes the loss hurt even more is that guy still went home and he was happy. He went to sleep happy and that really bugs me. Any game you can have like the ten or two fans. There was another fan I saw a bomb was one who looked very excited for most of the game three quarters you didn't really well. Did you see the person that had a banner that was very well made that they held up themselves for most of the game, so must have taken a lot of time on their arms. It simply said, I actually wrote it down. The

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